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  1. I would make 1 change, Simon Kenton 10 and move everyone else up 1.
  2. I have watched T for the past 15 years and I think the tough schedule helps. This team learns more from this schedule than playing down and it may not help them this year, its a young team, but it helps them over their High School career. Wheels haven't come off just got a flat tire. This is the best program in the state.
  3. I was at the game and I will tell you it was ugly. Sam Simpson has SC's number and exposed the week spots about as perfect as you can. I am along time SC fan and picked SC for this game only because I am a fan. Good luck SC and bring your a game.
  4. I think its a little early to say FD is the better team the game hasn't been played yet. This is what I know SC strength of schedule is 20.7 and FD is 1.7. I know this does not mean they are better but it does mean they have been tried and tested and lost to a top 10 team from Ohio. I think you need to wait and see. You could be eating crow.
  5. I have noticed in some of your post you seem to think the lower the class the less quality of football, my observation and if its not true I apologize. Beechwood has a long football tradition and a very good program. The program and tradition is the important are the important words here. Any team that has good values and goals and and actually teach the kids about being a good person and player can succeed and play with any team. I highly recommend you watch when the game stands tall to get my perspective.
  6. I like the Birds in this one, I believe if SK wins it would be considered upset
  7. Actually X got beat by the better team. DeSales has the higher national and state ranking and higher strength of schedule than Moeller.
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