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  1. I guess Patrick Kelsch who was an excellent coach, thought he was the here and now too. Remember he was let go for being a winning coach then when he lost against Augusta it was bye bye!!! You have to walk on eggshells if your a coach at Bracken and the one rule is never let Augusta beat you, the heck with the rest of the season. Augusta, big rival for the past five years has been Mason Co.
  2. I guess Bracken Co. will be offering Coach Brain Kirk of Augusta a coaching job now?
  3. He lead them to a lost. Point do not matter when you lose only when you win.
  4. Polar Bear 2030 Bracken lost. When you lose, 32 or 40 or 50 points do not matter. YOU LOST! It goes down as a lose in the record books. It does not say Mason beat Bracken but the win did not matter because Crawford had 32 points. My god you people in Bracken Co. Could care less if you win just as long as Crawford scores points. There is your answer why you have lost so many games and for the last three or more years you do not have a district banner placed in your gym. Just keep thinking that away Bracken Co. and Hinson, that it does not matter if you win it only matters how many points Crawford makes in a game. Now that's what I call great coaching and wonderful support from the Bracken Co. Fans. Remember everyone when Bracken Co. Losses it really does not matter if your team wins it only matters if Crawford score points, that's the new Ky. High School basketball rules. No wins matter! It only matters if Crawford scores there is no more winning against Bracken Co. Hey your team does not even have to play, just let Crawford score!! You don't even have to show up for the district games just let Crawford score. Lol Go Royals!! Thank God I live in Mason Co.!!
  5. Oh may another Bracken fan living in fairy tail land. I bet little blue birds are flying around your heads ,and Hinson has also promised a pot of gold in everyone's home this season. Wake up and smell the coffee. Polar Bear 2030. How many games has Bracken lost? Did they beat Mason???? If the kid is unstoppable why did they lose???
  6. Where are you guys from the land of Oz? Making a statement Pig did not stop Crawford? Once again Mason beat Bracken!!!! Do you understand MASON BEAT BRACKEN!!! The points Crawford had did not matter for his team they lost... I just do not think anyone in Bracken Co. understands when you loose Hinson or Crawford is a hero!!!! If you ask me, Hamilton, is a better player and it really hurts the team with out him.
  7. Well said AndOneDad! By the way Vinto Corleone, let us know the mental hospital or rehab or fairy tale land you live. I would like to send you a get well card.
  8. Amen Gomer Pyle. When Hinson came to Augusta everyone laughed he said he made the Owens boy at St. Pat, which was not true the Owens boy made Hinson. Then he left Augusta and brags he made Bach who he was, not true again Bach made Hinson. No one would know who Hinson was if it was not for thoes young men and the Augusta and St. Pat. Teams then.These young men and their teams were champions and both young men were hell of a ball players. Sorry Hinson God gave those boys talent not you.
  9. Not true! Hinson did not make the boys who played for him at Augusta, they made Hinson!
  10. What a silly statement. Bracken's coaches in the past were good coaches. Like I said before Bracken's tune will change about Hinson soon. Remember the players have a very big part in winning.
  11. Hinson must be writing this comment or paying someone to write this stuff. Yes Hinson was the coach in Augusta, but I do not care who was coaching the Panthers the past few years they would have won these are young men had talent and the determination to win as a team. Hinson did not put that spirit in those young men. Hinson was just in the right place at the right time. If Bracken loses in the district again, I'm sure Bracken will be singing a different tune about Hinson. How many coaches have you buried in the last few years? You had one of the best grils coaches who took you to the regional almost every year then when the team lost he was gone. It is only a matter of time for Hinson too, unless he wins, but look out coach if you lose then the blue Kool- aid barrel will go dry and the criticism will start and it will be all his fault.
  12. Are you looking at Bracken's wins and losses? I do not care how many points a player has, points are in the past with out a win. Bracken has beaten St. Pat. In the 39th district that is all. You have to win the district or be runner up to play in the regional first. Don't count your chickens before they hatch. Your past dose not look that good!!!
  13. You have to win games to be unstoppable. I do not see any district runner up or championship banners in the past few years hanging in Bracken gym. I have seen banners from district games hanging in Augusta's gym and Masons gym for the past three years and Austin played then. He has played against my Royals and has not won a game. I see you talked about his points playing us but he has never won. As I have said before you can go out and shot and shot and shot and out of many shots make 30 or 40 points but if you do not have a win at the end of the ball game the points do not matter. When players like Bach from Augusta, Owens, Glass, and Anderson from St. Pat, Loften, Miller, Lyons, Played and scored these men won games and yes they were what was considered unstoppable. Austin has played for Bracken Co. Since his Jr. High school years and I have yet seen a district win or runner up fame that has been successfully won.
  14. Replying to the remark a Bracken Co. Kool- aid drinker made about being Impossible to shut Crawford down. How many games has Bracken lost so far this season? I maybe wrong but isn't it about 11 games? So someone shut him down. Be realistic!!!
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