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  1. CE 7th is very good. Favorite to win it all. Conner is right behind them. Why do you expect CC to beat them? Someone hurt for CE? Also, Conner and Highlands played very close games. Should be a good one...
  2. 7th grade: Conner, Camp Ernst, Highlands and Campbell County
  3. 13 3’s a piece. Both teams shot well. Don’t believe HIghlands ever led by more than 6 but did lead most of the game. Conner’s #5 was difference maker with 19 points. Both teams put on a show.
  4. 7th grade thriller: Ockerman got a lot of run outs and caused many turnovers in first three quarters vs Highlands. Ockerman Up 14 to start 4th quarter. Fanatastic finish. HMS scores 25 points in 4th quarter at Ockerman. Ockerman blocks final seconds three pointer to hold on by 2. 48 - 46
  5. Vinson, Neace, Vieth...for sure, who else?
  6. Highlands 7th edged a tough Turkey Foot team tonight. 7th grade 9th region tourney should be a competitive one
  7. Beechwood/Conner 8th grade game was well played as well
  8. Highlands 7th played 4 tough games in 5 days. Ockerman is a good team.
  9. HMS 6th won big HMS 7th won again. Close game 8th grade?
  10. Someone shared with me some numbers on HMS 7th grade this year: averaged 47 points a game this year. gave up on average 30.5. That's with crossing the river and looking for top teams and beating them like: Guardian Angles, St Jude and All Saints. They gave up 59 to Woodland Saturday. The most given up all year, 48 to IHM Cincy. Safe to say: Woodland shot really well. Hats off to them.
  11. The role players for Woodland really stepped up big.
  12. The "second tier" for HMS played 3 mins to start 2nd quarter. 2 of them started most of the year. HMS played hard but didn't shoot well. Woodland shot well. Hard to question a coach that won 32 games. Beat the 3 top teams in Cincy. IHM twice. Woodland twice. Once by 20+, another by 12 at their place. But what do I know. Just thought Woodland shot really well. And HMS did not.
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