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  1. Ha ha. Thanks for that little nugget!!
  2. The HS floor is 84 ft.....college is 94 ft
  3. That's about the most uneducated statement ever made on here. Do you really think that other states look at Ky and form a stereotype of any sort based upon how we format our State Tourney?? Ridiculous....yeah ...move to Ohio, sounds like you'd fit in well up ther.
  4. Is the 3 pt line at Rupp going to be HS distance or college? How much difference will it make?
  5. [QU. OTE=Muwv;5891780]Mercer has a chance no doubt but Dunbar much more athletic . Watch for 3 point shooters who lack high level athleticism and quickness to struggle on big floor and different backdrop. Like Dunbar in this one, they r battle tested. Mercer not athletic? Have you seen them play? I have seen as many as 8 guys dunking in layup lines before game. Also have a minimum of 4 that will play college basketball...they are very athletic in my opinion.
  6. It was announced at the 12th Region Finals that Kyle Bottoms was the Region ref of the year... Does that mean he's in??
  7. Try some in Nicholasville...20 minutes away(Jessamine Co)
  8. Probably because he is a three sport athlete and doesn't do the showcases I would assume
  9. Watched Josiah since he was 8....awesome kid too
  10. West Jess , Southwestern, Mercer Co are likely to be in the mix
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