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  1. I wasn't refering to this year..however now that I think of it the article about the Eldorado tournament win was so tiny it almost couldn't be found...lol..but as far as the negativity on here goes it just come with the territory
  2. Yep..and Drake and Higgs played pro in Europe...two of 6 pro basketball ballers from OHS
  3. I'd say there wasn't much negativity then....Owensboro is used to this tho....the local media mainly the Messenger Inquirer, unless things have changed in the past few years...its like pulling teeth for Owensboro to get a good word in their own town newspaper..
  4. Absolutely Owensboro was the best team in the state at the end of the year when it counts and with a 14.5 average winning margin in the tournament the best team is the state champion
  5. Neither did Trinity by the end of the year...some said after OHS lost in the kob they were vastly overrated..lol.
  6. If this were held at any other Kentucky gym other than Rupp or Yum center or Freedom Hall it would have been a sell out..I'm very pleased when a high school basketball game draws 11000 people in ky
  7. So Owensboro won 5 championships... 1917. 1949 1972 1980 and now 2015 Awesome I love it...
  8. If the locals can't fill it up then it never will change..u cannot expect the students most of which are below 1200 in attendance to try an fill a 24000 seat arena...for any session..I think that 11500 to see two high school teams play is absolutely great..the list in pic is average attendance in far right column ..also this list includes 28 national champions The locals must support it or lose it. Imo
  9. And yet another place hence CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES LEADING SCORERS it's not just a claim...it's reality
  10. Another place it's included..CHAMPIONSHIP game linescore 1917
  11. Awesome find munciecentral...proof in black and white..love too see those jerseys from that era...lol..just AWESOME ..GO RED DEVILS..seems it was found in the records..
  12. It's is there I'm not sure how ur missing it..12 to 8 over Somerset Henderson won in 1916 ...its there
  13. We got the 1917 banner hanging in the gym at OHS and the KHSAA website has the tournament scores posted and the championship game says Owensboro's Bartlett was the leading scorer in the championship game.... KHSAA records show Owensboro won the tournament....5th state title..its in the records.
  14. What a great video...it's still sinking in ....finally got that 5th title..finally..lol..just like the 1972 team broke in on the Louisville schools run of championships for a year...this team broke the 3rd regions drought..from the 1917 team to this team there's been so many great players and coaches in Owensboro's storied tradition...the lineage traces back very quickly to Dr. James Naismith.. Rupp played for Phog Allen at Kansas while Naismith was there. OHS player and coach Bobby Watson played for Rupp and Drake played for Watson at Owensboro....so happy for all the players and coaches past and present.
  15. 5th State title 1917 1949 1972 1980 2015 and yes he is a great leader of men
  16. Very nice poem there munciecentral..wow. Wow what a year what a group of ball players and they are Champions..in every sense...love it. Love it..WE ARE. OWENSBORO
  17. I just can't believe it congratulations to my alma mater the Owensboro Red Devils on their Fifth State Championship 1917 ,1949 ,1972 ,1980 and now 2015.. And on the fifth day A stone appeared , a huge stone red and black many teams broke there selves against the stone and in the end when the smoke cleared a red and black banner appeared in the midst and those that wielded those colors were victorious let it be known on every inch of hallowed ground in this great state the Red Devils had conquered all.
  18. Rod Drake, Dwight Higgs , Tony James , Chucky Riley, Terrance Thompson ...1980
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