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  1. Majority of them are living their dream thru their kid. I’ve coached all over the country never have I thought a referee wasn’t giving their all. If parents and a lot of coaches would look in the mirror. Coaches make mistakes players miss layups. Everyone including the official are growing and learning. Some officials are better than others some understand the game better. The same can be said about the player , coach , or fan. The game is nothing but a tool to teach life lessons in a fun way. I always tell my players adjust to the officiating as you will have to adjust to your family life or worksite. I think NO official is trying to be the main attraction.
  2. Then where is the problem? I’ve watched about 4 games a year at Ryle over the last 4 years. He may know the game of basketball he doesn’t relate with the kids. He seems to be trying to fit round pegs in square holes. Ryle will not win with the current coaching staff. He’s bigger than the team.
  3. The game was over after first period. Any team that doesn’t press Dixie didn’t scout them. SK plays fast and Dixie no idea what todo with the ball.
  4. Cooper is boring to watch offensively but very effective as a whole.
  5. He was playing well think he’s not playing any more.
  6. Ryle has the same problem Dixie has someone’s EGO is bigger than the team. Kids don’t play hard for EGOTISTICAL people. It’s the kids team not the coaches. Ryle coach just had a meeting with the kids and parents and cried the kids won’t listen to me that’s why we lose. People will follow great leaders they can’t coach as a king or by intimidation. Conner had the problem 2 years ago.
  7. They would win 10 of 10. Ryle have some really nice players. Dixie style is no conducive to the modern day game of basketball. The days up just setting up and running plays is a bygone way of coaching. Coaches need to be teaching ways to react to what the defense gives you instead of plays.
  8. I support classification Ohio basketball is better imo. KHSAA should get rid of the private schools or classify. It’s all about money so I don’t see it happening. I hope the All “A” catches on at all levels and makes the KHSAA a mute organization. Just my feelings.
  9. Dixie looked clueless in the press. Dixie seems to me to play 1940s slow it down basketball and Ryle plays upbeat athletic basketball.
  10. Cov Cath is going to be near the top if for nothing else their depth. Cov Cath struggles with outside shooting but they are patient and keep working for layups. Beechwood is scrappy and have some good shooters who can get hot at anytime and beat anyone. Beechwood I feel will struggle when the outside shooting struggles. Cooper has the depth defensively and can take anyone out their game but struggle shooting like Cov Cath does. If Newport and Lloyd can stay out of foul trouble they can beat anyone but lack in depth also. The list is good. I’ve seen all the teams and I’d agree with what you have put together.
  11. You are correct. It has nothing to do with if the coach knows the game of basketball but the culture he brings. You have to believe in your kids before they will belief in you. They lack heart and desire at Ryle as a few other big schools who under perform in my eyes. There are many kids walking the halls at Ryle that can hoop that choose not to play. IMO Ryle is under performing.
  12. I say Scott rooting for Brad and the bulldogs. In 2 years he will dominate Scott.
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