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  1. Congratulations to head coach Travis Gay of Adair County for being chosen as Kentucky Football Coach Association Class 3A District 2 Coach of the year!!
  2. Great job PT, I didn't go anyware smash throw some crow ,The indians had a great year,Good luck with SW.I hate that your qb was hurt our running back broke his collar bone hate to see injuries to the young men.
  3. What game will you be at FRIDAY P88 let me guess MALE /TRINITY

  4. Our young men are coming to play,men this is the playoff's ,on any givin night anyone! Can win or loos, to say we haven't got a shot is disrespectful, not only to our coaches and player's,but to the game as well,We don't practice 15 hr's a week for nothing!!We will bring our A game.Yes we have played a week schedule, but we do get better every week,with that said this Adair teem is not the same team that faced SW ,as far as the CASEY GAME,well! P88 said it best some times you just don't bging your A or B GAME! I beleve our 8th grade team could have beat us that night!!I look for it to be a great game. GOOD LUCK PT YOUR GOING TO NEED IT!!!!
  5. The only thing that's going to be running in this one is, the Adair BUS leaving that concrete palace with a W!
  6. Adair travels to Paducah to take on the blue tornado's.Coming off of there big win friday,they look to upset the blue tornado's.:thumb:
  7. I sopose so, I guess he sat them out against MC cracken,Evansville,mayfield,highlands,madisonville as well.
  8. Any coach that benches his starter's ,when he has a chance to pound on player's that are not his under classmen! Isn't worth having!At lest a quarter. Just don't believe it!They might have sat out the second half but they played!
  9. It was 2012 we watched not last year my fault at the Falcons.
  10. Thanks,tsyong7 we appreciate your support we,did the same for the Falcons last year ,after PT beat us ,the first round in consecutive years ,we came to watch the Falcons play PT at home pulling for the home team.we want PT more then anyone we have faced this season.
  11. PT what we have been wanting all season , this has been circled on the calendar cence camp !!
  12. Definitely to close ,but we turned it over 4 times in the first half .We where down 31 to 21 at half D was ausome in the second half ,we shut them out to alow are o to get back in it!Great job indians.
  13. Will be @ Adair watching them, host there first [EVER] home playoff game,vs Fort Campbell GO INDIANS!!!
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