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  1. Henderson most likely will be with out another starting center for the LIT. Which leaves them with zero. They hope to get her back soon.
  2. Henderson point guard should be 100 percent next week they hope. And looking at losing another post player for a few weeks that just got hurt last night. They still continue win and win big but this Saturday they play Lou Manuel I guess then we see where they stand. They should have everybody put two starting post players.
  3. Lady cols lose another post player. Have to wait and see how long. Starting point gaurd did get to play but just ten mins.
  4. Henderson is the real deal but right now trying to find what line ups work. They just lost their 6 foot center. Since they lost her they are 2-0 but didn't face top ten competition. I think they are top 5 without her but maybe not good enough to go to the LIT and win two games.
  5. David Simmons from Henderson. He is listed at 6 foot 2 he is 6 foot.
  6. Also going to Louisville this Sat to play Lou Manual again.
  7. Lady cols should get starting point gaurd back Tuesday.
  8. Lady cols still playing with out starting point gaurd. Should be back Tuesday for Union.
  9. Hoptown shot free throws bad but shot 37 to 24 that helped keeping in it too!! Henderson has to learn how not make silly fouls.
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