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  1. They just want to start trouble on the boys side. Still bad blood from the girls side that has nothing to do with the boys. We are happy with Hinson.
  2. Hinson can not turn everything around in one year but the kids are buying into his style. If you are a true Bracken Fan, you would see the changes. Kids are listening,working hard and people are coming to support. Things that has not happen in years!
  3. What do you want the poor kid to do? He has to do most of all he work.
  4. Come on people this is high school basketball. You are talking about high school kids. If you are over 18 and you have been on here all day You need help.
  5. Guess you did not listen to bear tracks this week? If you did you would have heard him talk about his teammates. I feel like that comes with age and a good coach. In the past Bracken program did not have the leadership to teach the boys about teamwork but now it is first!
  6. I have seen the whole Bracken team improved. Austin has matured as a player this year and for the first time I see leadership. Most of the Bracken team is juniors. You have to give Austin some Credit. He can play ball. Most players have off nights. Hello it is high school ball not the pros!!!!
  7. One thing is Bracken has had a great year! So don't start. The program is looking up finally. Most parents are happy and we are enjoying the coach!!! Plus, they was only up by 10 most of the game. Leave the drama for another team please!!
  8. Here we go!?!!! Please! They may win a few games but they have work to do first.
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