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  1. His was even worse given his position at a middle school. Here is the video he posted: https://vine.co/v/MTaaKTeLxnb And here is what he said: "can't stop watching this! Damn, big girl got smacked!!!" He also used the same emoji 4 times in his post. That particular emoji is called “Face with Tears of Joy” and it means (according to many online definitions) “A smiling face with curved tear filled eyes that are mostly closed and open mouth. Upper teeth are shown. To be so happy that you weep tears of joy.”
  2. Exactly. Truth be told I don't find it funny. I posted that for effect... to set this up... The guidance counselor at my child's middle school posted something similar on his twitter account.
  3. Damn, girl got smacked! I can't stop watching this!! Seriously, this brings tears to my face it is so funny! I just saw the Ray Rice video... too funny! m.youtube.com/watch?v=VbwTMJroTbI
  4. Their team defense is ranked 3rd in the state in points allowed per game.
  5. Dixie wins with another good defensive effort. Up next for Dixie is Holmes Wednesday night @ Dixie
  6. SK jumped out to a 5-0 lead to start the game, then Dixie outscored them 52-21. In SK's defense, they were missing their best player. Dixie was missing a starter as well.
  7. Go to the McDonalds in Ashland... it's across from the steel mill. The food is the food (meh)... but the store itself is one of the more recently updated... was very different than what I've ever seen.
  8. The Red Colonels visit the Pioneers tonight. Who wins and why?
  9. Nope. I just looked. Its not their personal school webpage... its the County's web page. The bio is still the same. :(
  10. That would make more sense... lol. But unfortunately, no :(
  11. I hear you and agree on one level, but there are more than just misspelled words. "of having you child in my..." "I hope that by the end of the year, you child will have a..." ...and there are more. I feel that certain basics are a must IF you are a teacher, regardless of the subject. How can the kids be held accountable if not?
  12. True... and I agree. But, there does need to be a standard, right?
  13. If this screen grab seems out of line, someone please let me know and either I will remove it or have a mod remove it...
  14. Should a Middle School teacher (with more than 10 years teaching experience, a BA and a Masters degree) be expected to spell correctly... and use correct grammar and punctuation? How many misspelled words are acceptable on their staff directory profile? A teacher at my son's school has at least 12 misspelled words and grammar and punctuation errors that, honestly, have me startled. Is this acceptable?
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