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  1. And there are some who say there is not a Nell factor. She is great coach and I give her credit for having the ability to influence the game from the bench. What she has done with this group of young women has been nothing short of amazing and I wish her and Boone girls the best of luck. All those others coaches in the ninth are turning right now knowing they have to face Nell and her effect on the game. She is for sure the "9" man!
  2. Great or not in this instance it was a BIG miss!
  3. To me it is nostalgia, how many times a year is Diddle on national TV, how many professionals have played in Rupp versus Diddle, same thing for National Champions? Much more of an experience for a young man or lady to say they played at Rupp. Not taking away from Diddle but those are just a few reason that come to my mind!
  4. You are correct and Boone has home court advantage. Nell will have her team ready and the best team will win. Should be fun to watch.
  5. ND is very good, those who note their length are exactly correct and they are strong. They have 3 D1 athletes on the floor and it showed. The other two starters are not that bad as well and I would think could play ball at the college level if they desire. They were well coached and their fans were first class. Conner needs to go back to the drawing board but I also think they were distracted a little because of senior night. No excuses because they got beat real good! Hope they rebound. ND playing like they did tonight will be tough to beat.
  6. Coach Stamm will have his girls ready for districts. The 33rd tournament should be fun to watch!
  7. I say give the young lady some credit and focus on what she does well as oppose to her faults. She does mean a lot to her team and I believe coach Stamm believes in her.
  8. Thanks Jesse, I also misspelled Ms. Voskuhl's name which should be Olivia Voskuhl. My apologies.
  9. Please add any I may have missed: Jessica Jones/Boone (Tennessee State) Olive Voskul/ND (Cleveland State) Leah Schaefer/HHS (Xavier) Courtney Sandlin/Walton Verona (Bellermine) Jordan Scott/Conner (KY Wesleyan) Jesse Daly/HHS (Thomas More) Emily Pluto/Conner (Thomas More) As discussed I believe NKU and TMC would like to get Beal and I am curious who is recruiting Johnson and Oliverio from Ryle? Just my opinion but others getting interest and undecided would be Judy from WV, Bosse from SK, Rudd from Lloyd and Thompson from Cooper. Sorry for any misspelled names and look forward to any updates or insight.
  10. Great pictures Panda, the little girl looks to have great shooting form. Future star I am sure! Congrats to HC on a great win! I hope the Lady Cougars focus on a tough district matchup tomorrow eve in Hebron vs. Cooper.
  11. It is what I have been saying, Ky playoff system gives no credit to good teams for great seasons. Happened to Conner last year. I think the Basketball playoff system needs to be evaluated and provide an opportunity to reward good play throughout the season and possibly give more teams than one to win a chance to win a championship.
  12. i read as he gave a top four and suggested that anyone of them could be number 1. Not quite the kiss of death unless all four go down!
  13. I think Jordan will have an exciting career at KY Weslyan and bet she makes an immediate impact. She will be a great scorer and from what I hear loves the game. I think Pluto will also contribute having some good diversity and can shut down play makers as well. I think Jordans love for the game shows every minute she is on the floor and I think Pluto is like having a coach on the floor, she has pretty good game savvy. I also think Conner will be a pipeline for girls playing at the next level for several years ahead. Good luck to Jordan and Emily as they move on.
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