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  1. CCH seniors went out with class. Massie, Cleves and Hayden thanks for your hard work and dedication to CCH basketball. This program is on the right track. Great job leading a new era of colonel basketball.
  2. Dead on. The game is played by teenagers. Sometimes they are awesome and sometimes they make you scratch your bald head.
  3. If the CCH team that beat Holy Cross in the district shows up on Wednesday night, it could be a quick exit for NCC.
  4. . Disagree again. nick R and Tobler need to play very aggressive defense for this team to have a chance. They are both replaceable. You nailed it -- players are playing soft defense to stay on the floor. The result -- a very ordinary team a very beatable team.
  5. . I was at the game and didn't see any "stink eyes" or "blow-bys". Regardless, this team didn't lose because the players aren't good cheerleaders. (see my other posts which explain why they are losing the big games). The crazies do a fine job with the cheer leading.
  6. . Earlier in the season, CCH was winning or competing in big games against teams better than Dixie by playing smash mouth full court defense. This aggressive defense created turnovers and defensive rebounds. Then they used team speed to create transition opportunities on the offensive side. Early in the season they were setting records for team fouls, but that was indicative of very aggressive defense. IMO that was a formula that could have won them the ninth region crown. Now they have gone soft on defense. They have fewer defensive rebounds, turnovers, team fouls and, as a result, less transition opportunities. They are settling into a half court offense with 4 guards and Tobler down low. They are not big enough or strong enough to win in the ninth region using this half court set. They have become very ordinary and easy to defend. BTW you're wrong -- CCH can beat any team in the ninth region.
  7. I am a fan of using the talent (at any age) you have to be competitive in the big games. Half court offense with Tobler as your post man is not going to win the ninth region IMO. Thelen was a good big post man last year. How did that work out?
  8. should have been -- "if that's NOT available launch up a three."
  9. See my previous posts several weeks ago, the 4 guard and one center set for CCH would not be effective in games against teams like Holy Cross and Dixie. Tonight CCH looked best with Hayden and Bo Schuh in at the same time. But that set only lasted a few minutes before the guards re- populated the floor. I was really hopeful at the beginning of the season because CCH was playing a high speed transition game that gave them a chance to be competitive. But now they are simple to defend. They walk it up the court, try to force it down to Tobler and if thats available a guard launches up a three.
  10. I am a CCH fan, but they haven't had a significant win since beating Boone County and St. X back in December. Dixie by 5.
  11. Agreed. The sophomore Heppler got started on the "O" side by working off high screens set by seniors. Great to see upper classman helping to free up a young shooter. Not something I've seen at CCH in a long time.
  12. Good question. After the first 10 games, Hayden was the second leading scorer and first in rebounds. Very productive early. He has been slowed by injuries to both ankles. Played last night in the first half for a few minutes with braces on both ankles and IMO looked good, but didn't play in the second half. Oddly, the 3 seniors played very few minutes in the second half of the game. Hopefully, the kid can have a few more good games before his career at CCH is over. That senior class has been through the ringer.
  13. Amazing that CCH loses on the road in overtime to a team that was expected to beat them badly and so many people comment on the things wrong with CCH. To me, CCH looks like a tough, physical team that is peaking at the right time. IMO they will go on a run and win the district. The big floor at Regents Hall favors CCH because of their speed, conditioning and passing skills. Campbell is a special player, but it takes him a while to get down the floor. I hope Hayden can get healthy, more ankle problems last night. Hayden really helps them get out in transition and they will need him in the district tournament.
  14. Good review by Kinglouie. I would add that IMO all 3 seniors are unselfish and showing excellent leadership. They don't care who gets the points they just want the W. Kudos to Tobler on a great game, but he had a lot of help from unselfish teammates.
  15. The entire team played well. They look sharp heading into a big game on Friday.
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