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  1. This is a good question for some of the X guys to answer as they will have played both SK and PRP. I would say if the game is very tight maybe keep them above SK but if it's more than a score they need to fall below. I wouldn't think there is anymore than a single score difference between X and SK on a neutral field and yes X would be the favorite.
  2. What on God's green earth would have anyone scared of Highlands right now? Freshman scores?
  3. SK hasn't been bounced in the first or second round in at least 5 years. Scott CO's state title came after playing one of their weakest schedules ever and people were saying the same things about them as they are about SK. As for ranking one over the other I don't really care but just playing a good team doesn't warrant a higher ranking you eventually have to win one.
  4. Star 64 game of the week. Game is on local TV live
  5. Since 2017 is the first year of a two year contract, I'm going to say you are probably wrong.
  6. Vance is probably going to double major and decided this summer that he couldn't do that and play football. Carter was just bumped up to 3rd team inside LB
  7. Doesn't change the constraints put on them by the school board. It can be done it just takes more organization and money.
  8. The problem with SK staying over night is the same problem and why Scott HS never stayed over night at the sweet sixteen. It is KCSB policy to have two administrators accompany the team and have an adult chaperone in each room. I do believe Scott got to spend the night after their loss in the semi's but no time before that.
  9. Cam's read option ability is perfect for Wofford's option style offense. They only throw about 10 times a game. I would be shocked if he is moved from QB. His ability to read run or pitch will be a strong suit for him.
  10. East squad just lost Kincaid and Kreidenweis as the SK baseball team just one the 8th region.
  11. Heard over the weekend that Casey Mitchell and Markie Rider of SK have been added to the East Side.
  12. Morehead plays in the pioneer league, no one in that conference gives athletic scholarships for football.
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