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  1. Jacob Roth (Covington Catholic) and Jackson Mahorney (Beechwood) have committed to Centre College (D3)
  2. Frankfort......must see any team named the "Dirty Thirty" play against BW.
  3. A few from the 80s: Ludlow - Denny & Danny Caple Connor - Melvin Miles Lloyd - Greg Kunkle Cov Cath - Teddy Edginton; Jimmy Vonhandorf Dixie - Mark Pike; Marty Molony; Scott & Joe Mahorney; Chris Derry; Dennis Odom (& his brother Steve in early 90s) Beechwood - Bob Williams; Chris Bowling; Scott Tackett; New Cath - Frank Jacobs
  4. Next Thursday night, NCC will be playing Beechwood in round #1 of the freshman small school division playoffs.
  5. Let's hope so. It would be nice to see a team that has had its share of struggles come out on top.
  6. Beechwood's offensive line played fairly well for the size disadvantage that they had. They all played with alot of heart.
  7. With a Pee Wee feeder system, kids not starting to play football until they are in the 8th/9th grade, how is it they are so competitive? Coaching? Some say Beechwood is "slipping". Are they truly slipping or are they in reality playing 1A football? I do not see other 1A schools playing Cov Cath, Dixie and to top it off Highlands at the varsity level as well as a Freshman team that lost to Cooper in the championship game of the mid level division last year and won the championship in the "big school" level the prior year.
  8. Scott Frosh and Beechwood Frosh should be a good game with the Beechwood coming off a big win over Boone Co. I heard Beechwood has 7th and 8th graders starting on the Frosh team. Is it true? Do other Frosh programs do this? Beechwood does not have a middle school and I believe they rely on the Pee Wee programs as their feeder system. Any insight to this?
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