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  1. Yes that's his brother and he's been playing ball at Cleveland State (TN)
  2. Ryan sexton commits to play at the college of mount st joes. Good luck to the young man.
  3. Good predictions. Got them all wrong.
  4. Either Adam Dickman or Ryan Sexton is starting pitching for Dixie Heights and i don't know who's pitching for Highlands.
  5. Good game by both teams there first rounds.. Whats everyone's predictions?
  6. Great game played all around by Dixie today. Congrats Red Colonels.
  7. Congratulations to Megan James for recieving the Northern Kentucky Coaches Association Player of the Year award. The awards were giving out Saturday evening at Cooper. Congrats to all the other girls recieving honorable mention, and First and Second Team as well.
  8. yeah thats what i meant. Without mark on the mound who else do they have?
  9. 1. Cov Cath 2. Dixie Heights 3. Holy Cross Ryle is my number 4 team because they have no pithcing. When they have mark on the mound they could be number 3 but without mark they are number 4 or 5
  10. Whats everyones opinion on top 3 teams in the 9th Region??
  11. Their is only two games tomorrow. Elder dropped the game to Dixie and now Cov Cath plays Dixie at 130. Going to be a good game. Does anyone know who Cov Cath is throwing tomorrow?
  12. Saturday i think cov cath plays elder at 11 and Dixie plays elder at 130 and then cov cath plays Dixie at 4 all the games are at Cov Cath.
  13. Dixie is good enough to beat any team in the region. Dixie is the only team to beat cov cath this year so I don't know why you cancelled them out of winning the championship and Dixie beat holy cross earlier in the year. Ncc is playin better baseball also and anything can happen in region.
  14. I think the top 3 teams are Cov Cath, Dixie, Ryle. All teams have the pitching a hitting to win it but you never know.
  15. There is still a long road ahead for all teams but it will be nice to hear what people are thinking.
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