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  1. 1. Did you actually leave the game next to the Collins fans? If you did, you would have heard them, some were none too quiet about it. 2. My comment was not directed to this particular game, this is any given game.
  2. I also like the let'em play style....but when the play is getting to the point that players (on either or both sides) are hitting the floor..not by choice, being knee'd, etc. ....the officials have to reel that line in.....injuiries are not wanted or needed ....
  3. hmmmmmmmmmmmm....another ranked team falls to the unranked WV Lady Bearcats...just sayin
  4. Posted by Mike Fields on January 15, 2012 Marion County, No. 2 last week, supplanted No. 1 Manual atop Dave Cantrall’s ratings by beating the Crimsons Saturday night. Manual was undefeated before losing consecutive games to Mercy and Marion County. TOP 25 Marion County (14-2) Manual (15-2) Mercy (13-3) Monroe County (16-2) Perry Central (16-0) Boone County (15-1) South Oldham (13-3) Anderson County (14-4) Notre Dame (12-2) Clay County (16-2) Elizabethtown (12-2) Ryle (15-2) Newport Central Catholic (11-3) Butler (11-6) Lexington Catholic (12-5) Walton-Verona (13-4) Paul Dunbar (16-4) Sacred Heart (10-7) Madison Central (11-3) Henderson County (14-2) Lincoln County (12-6) Bowling Green (12-3) Louisville Christian (14-7) Ashland Blazer (13-3) Glasgow (12-2)
  5. If opinion is "that" particular call, good or bad was the game changer, what about the large number of lack of calls in the second half? Defense was a key factor, good job to Coach Clinkenbeard for adjusting the Ladies to do what they needed to do. Good job Bearcats:)
  6. It was good to see Coach Clinkenbeard there last night.
  7. And Cheeseman lives in Verona....etc, etc. Get over this
  8. Both teams played good defense. WV had opportunities that they didn't finish. Quite making excuses for them, the girls know are ones who know where they fell short and why. Do Ryle, Boone, NDA, etc. fans and parents whine about the transfers that have taken place 4 and 5 years ago? Please......if you want to know the scoop instead of speculating and constantly hashing it out on here, ask a parent at the next game you see them at.
  9. Congrats to a fine young lady on your signing today:)
  10. I clearly see that you are not really associated with the team. Otherwise you would already know the years Mark has spent with some of these girls. So, his commitment to help develop this group has paid off. Ask any parent....he was also one congratulated with the teams success over the past couple of years.
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