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  1. McCracken County at Paducah Tilghman. It should be fun. McCracken will be without Z'airye Hughes and PT will be trying out new coach Kurt Barber and offensive coordinator Elliot Treece. Barber of NFL "fame" and Treece as the former OC under Jack Haskins at the now closed Lone Oak. Rumor has it that the spread offense is in the works.
  2. Tunein is available for the iPhone as well...audio only.
  3. Final 40-17. Hendo scores twice on the Mcc JV in the second half which was a running clock from 8:37 left in the 3rd.
  4. 50-9 halftime. McCracken up. Davies agreed to a running clock for the entire second half.
  5. Also, games are broadcast on FM 99.5. For those who wish to listen in from a-far, download the TunedIn app for your smartphone and search for "99.5 The Fan" as the station.
  6. Should be a chance to get the Ponies some reps....
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