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  1. Both quarterbacks were under pressure and walker decided to run while the young Adams was just a little overwhelmed. He's got 8 Td. And 6 int this year and thrown for 500 yards. He's going to be pretty decent qb
  2. Great observation there were more pads plays called but walker took off with the ball. Yeah Brockman was open a lot and a young qb was holding ball too long. Ball should have been released way earlier.
  3. VOR. You could not be more right. Dayton had 5 total and 3 were for scores. 30-8 at half second half devils never came back out to play either. Again Bellevue played their A game and Dayton would get an F. Bellevue capitalized on many Dayton mistakes. As some would say yes Bellevue cause a couple of those mistakes. Just would have loved to see a good played game by both cause it would have been fun to watch. Cause that was not fun. Maybe for a Bellevue fan yes. I just know Dayton is better than what twy put out there on Friday night.
  4. I agree I help coach with laundry and there were only like 5 jerseys that were dirty. Not good.
  5. The three kids who did not play much are freshman who are very inexperienced and because no jv team they do get some playing time with starters on special teams.
  6. Also another senior played like 5 snaps who missed 2 days of practice who usually starts def and off. Everyone else was there not sure where your info is coming from. The week before 10 guys miss practice cause of a teammates funeral. They did not start game. The walker kid missed some practice time te last few weeks for personal reasons but did not start games.
  7. Just FYI. A senior did not dress Friday for discipline. One senior missed 2 days cause he was not cleared but was still there so played but did n
  8. Adjustments were made. Especially at halftime. Also on last drive prior to halftime. It's simple block and tackle. That we didn't do. The line of scrimmage was dominated by a much quicker and smaller Bellevue line. Blocking assignments were made at halftime as well. Bellevue played with much more heart and determination. Dayton decided to play worst game of the year. Congrats to bellevue they played hungry. Dayton did not
  9. If you spent as much time on your lesson plans as you do on bluegrasspreps. Never mind. I'll be nice.
  10. The paddle is new started in 07. Two river towns battling it out for the boat paddle. However it's second most played game in state and I'm pretty sure top 10 most played games in country. It's two towns separated by a street right down the middle one side Dayton other Bellevue.
  11. Biggest rivalry in state this week. Should be a fun one to watch. I think both teams are very evenly matched. Throw the records and scores out. Everybody come out to watch.
  12. No news to me. Sorry this comment was supposed to be to Kentucky joe in update threads. That is a rumor
  13. Thanks voice of reason. Your right we played hard but onviously have was to go. We're moving in the right direction. Our players play with class and no personal fouls. The program is heading in the right direction. Coaches and players all all buying into the team philosphy. I Agree beechwood didn't play there a game but kudos to our kids for taking advatage of the mistakes.
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