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  1. If Im not mistaken he also coached for a brief time at Sheldon Clark before Jim Matney came.
  2. gotta be able to score the extra point if you are the cards!
  3. Sheldon Clark in a ball control/grind it out game 20 - 14
  4. As a Sheldon Clark fan I will never forget the night Highlands came to Inez. The stadium was packed by 6:00 pm. The Highlands team was amazing with Lorenzen and Smith. Even though we got whipped it was a great experience for our school and community. Here's hoping that a large group of Cardinal fans make their way to Somerset next Friday night!
  5. Great win for a great bunch of guys...and for one of the nicest guys I have ever known...Shawn Hager!
  6. And to suggest that a 2 time State Champion coach "choked" is nuts as well!
  7. I take offense to this post. I realize that sometimes players are overly aggressive, but you are totally out of line to suggest that SCHS coaches would rather fight than play! You obviously dont know what you are talking about!
  8. SCHS came out and ran a little Wing T at the start of the 2nd Half...interesting twist against a Russell team that always runs that formation!
  9. I think Sheldon Clark pretty much has had its way with Johnson Central over the years. Granted, the JC program went to another level when Coach Matney took over. I don't know what his career record was against Central when he coached at Sheldon Clark....but he had some pretty good success. The fact is no team can be as good every year as JC has been the last few....it is still only 4 games into the season. Jim Matney is an outstanding football coach. He is a scraper, a fighter, a brawler. I am shocked how at quickly some Central fans are jumping off the bandwagon!
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