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  1. Here we go, that D-1 crap again.
  2. Who wrestles the higher wt classes for CC? 171 and up
  3. Sorry for the sarchastic remark. It seems that every year CC and Ryle field very competitive teams that always are in the hunt for the state crown.
  4. I was listening to the game on the radio and I swear I saw smoke coming from the speakers from time to time.:ohbrother:
  5. How about we talk about this years team because they are the ones playing..We dont need to compare the two teams because it doesnt matter, the 06 team was very good who were state runner-up, this team is also very good with alot of talent and could suprise people. Coach Warner has done alot with this program and has produced some good talent, but we do not need to be on here comparing current players and past players, stick to whats ahead Ryle at ST. X
  6. Went to website. didn't find a link with a broadcast schedule. Any help?
  7. Will this game be webcast on the internet?
  8. I hope X is looking forward to the match-up with SK.
  9. Are you sure about that? Ryle's stands probably don't seat over 5000. Where was the other 5000+?
  10. I have one other comment and then I will get off of this issue. You say that states, and I presume you are referring to Ky here, "are not going to have teams travel all across the state because of rankings". In one instance , I can tell you a team traveled approximately two and a half hours to play a team that was ranked much higher in the state and soundly beat them at their home field. Looking at combined opponent win-loss records of the two teams involved, the inferiorly ranked team had an opponent win to loss record of 64wins and 36 losses while the superiorly ranked team had an opponent win to loss record of 49 wins to 51 losses. Would this team have had to travel that distance if their was a different ranking system? Probably not.
  11. There are other states with the approximate size and population as KY that do not have the district and ranking system that do just fine with the computer system.
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