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  1. As far as blaming the parents, we all know families where one child is out of control and their siblings have no issues and the parents are good people, doing the best job possible. At 18, Zeke needs to grow up and take responsibility for HIS actions. For god's sake, Zeke needs to quit giving his family, friends, and school grief! He's on the brink of blowing his future. Here's a good explanation of the substance below. Looks like as mentioned in a previous post, the suppliers change the formula to stay ahead of the law. If the substance was technically not banned and considered an herb, it would be difficult to apply school rules that haven't caught up with the technology. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synthetic_cannabis
  2. Didn't appear there were any changes happening with Sorrell at this time. I doubt Highland's Head Coach personnally instructs the player's speed training, but Highlands also has a relationship with Guiugli's speed training correct? Spritzky is at Dixie 12-13 hours a day M-TH during football season when school starts, 15 hrs a day on Friday's until 10-11 PM on Friday night, does Saturday lifting with the team and I heard he plans on Sundays. The committment is there during the summer/during the off season. Don't think he can put much more time in.
  3. Dixie's team this past year had very good chemistry and supported each other through the death of their 21 yr old coach, devastating season ending injuries to key starters, and a worse than anticipated win loss record due to losing games they should have/could have won. The graduating seniors are part of a 2010 graduating class at Dixie with really good personalites the teachers and coaches love and will miss. So many Seniors started in 08 & 09, the next few years will give players who did get much playing time a huge opportunity to shine. Pike will definitly be QB unless an unknown shows up and Pike is needed at another offensive position since he is so versatile and has so much potential. Main thing is Dixie needs to improve on to compete is build on the player's conditioning level at the beginning of the season. The boys are in great shape for the first game, then slowly the speed/agility training decreases as the games progress. Only way to EVER beat Highlands is to match their speed, agility, & strength. Dixie lifts the enitre season but needs to do speed training for the whole team, the entire season - can't beat Highlands with just a handful of agile/quick people.
  4. Ryan Wilson scored 191 points during the year versus West's 124 - pretty substantial point difference where it was questioned in the thread. Collingsworth was 138 points...
  5. Since the All Star game is in June, isn't that too late for scouting??
  6. Excuse me, but Dixie's d-line stopped the run at Ashland. The o-line holds then Wilson has time on offense to get 'er done. Both Dixie's lines were both offensive and defensive "players of the game" last week. Dixie had "Come to Jesus" moments before and during the Ashland game. They were super focused before the game, and even when multiple penalities hit back to back during the game, they regained their focus and took control. Dixie can do it, but everything has to come together tonight obviously. :dancingpa
  7. KHSAA.org has 7PM also. I heard the Enquirer had it wrong yesterday which just added to the confusion.
  8. The first regular season game, Dixie was right with Highland's in the first quarter. In the second quarter, a couple quick fumbles turned the momentum around in short order - Collingsworth scored 21 points in like 4 minutes? In addition, a few key Dixie players came out during that game with minor injuries but are back 100%. If all the Dixie talent plays to their potential, anything can happen. (I KNOW Highlands fans 100% don't believe Highlands can lose, :ohbrother:but Dixie fans believe they could - sorry!! :irked:)
  9. I'd MUCH rather see a Cov Cath/ DIXIE rematch... :dancingpa
  10. Cov Cath should win since they played a more difficult schedule than Johnson Central throughout the season. Just like Ashland, who was 9-1 with one loss to Johnson Central, Ashland and Johnson Central played no 6A teams and are relatively untested. Dixie was able to dominate Ashland and so should Cov Cath dominate Johnson Central.
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