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  1. hahahahahahaha.... UK back to supremacy without winning a game since the NIT. Classic.
  2. Rio Grande hands down... Best food... Better prices.
  3. I believe it had something to do with not wanting to cancel the Connor Classic tomorrow.
  4. I believe that. It happens all the time especially at the high school level. It's just a natural reaction when you see a batter back out or catcher stand up. BTW I've seen a ridiculous amount of umpires mess up a balk call at the high school varsity level, so I'm not at all saying the umpire was right. I didn't see it.
  5. Honestly not sure... I was guessing that he just wanted time and Hammons was the only one who heard/saw him ask for it. I've seen it before where an umpire misses the kid asking for time and the pitcher notices it. They still call it a balk.
  6. Well I didn't see the play just going on what I was told. I heard it was a confusing play, but the right call... and that's coming from a Ludlow person. Either way that's why they teach you to just finish the pitch no matter what. Hammons was told that by his coaches I'm sure and he'll learn from it. Great kid who really wants to make himself better.
  7. It was the right call... Batter asked for time ump didn't give it to him... Hammons stopped his motion in the middle and didn't finish the pitch. You know how balk calls are with the fans though.
  8. Remember you don't have to throw 90 MPH like every other kid in NKY to be dominant. It's about getting people out.
  9. I'd say having good stuff and putting it where he wanted it made him pretty dominant in the 9th Region tourney last year. I expected a pretty dominating performance on the mound this year from him. One of the few who really understand pitching at this stage...
  10. Connor is a very good hitter and gold glove caliber second basemen. His pitching honestly is where he hasn't been as dominant as some expected, but I think they'll take 6-1 any day.
  11. Hammons was clearly the best pitcher on either of these two teams though. I'm not sure it would have mattered who pitched for Dixie.
  12. Gotta say I'm with Clyde on this one. I honestly think it's kind of a fun tradition for everyone involved. The seniors have fun pulling a prank, they get a slap on the wrists and aren't allowed to play, the JV get to play "under the big lights", and the seniors cheer em on.
  13. The biggest thing the umpires did was call a balk on Ludlow with a guy on third letting Dixie tie it up in the top of the 7th. What you should be commenting on is your varsity coach not throwing his ace. I don't care what teams play... I love it when teams don't throw their ace in an important game and it costs them. BTW what was he saving him for?
  14. I don't think anyone is finding fault. In fact, I think it's very very cool of Coach Cal and it's even cooler that he is having fun with it.
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