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  1. Ryan Wilson will be the returning quarterback. They lose very few seniors to graduation in '09 so the incoming seniors & juniors will be players everyone is used to hearing about & seeing.
  2. Ballhauler has hit the nail right on the head with this one. These girls have the talent, drive, and heart to be competitive this season but the ways of the new head coach are holding them back. Not enough shooting practice during the week, too much "talking" to others by the coach during practice and not enough TRUE coaching being done. These girls can give it their all but if they aren't being backed and coached by someone who is willing to pay attention to the girls then success will be tough.
  3. I will not name the specifics but how about this one for a coach not knowing the rules. 1st game of the season, new Varsity coach, his team is home team. No "home" scorebook is kept, no one at the scorekeepers table for the home team. When asked about it by parents after the game..his reply was didn't know that was my responsibility thought the announcer took care of it. Luckily the visiting team didn't contest it or a forfeit would have been the result. Now you would have thought he'd look into things after that, but nooooo, 2nd game, he doesn't have his starters in the book, the scorekeeper asks him about it he replies doesn't know who's starting, goes into the locker room & doesn't come back out in time before the refs take the book to review & sign off. End result??? His team gets a technical before the game even starts for scorebook keeping error. Great impression for a new varsity coach to make w/ the players, parents & the other team coaches. I'm sorry every coach should know the rules, no matter how trivial they may seem. If that 2nd game would have been lost by 2 pts. which were the result of the technical shots the whole state would have heard the parents & players yell!!
  4. From the talk from players in general the slow start was the result of several factors. One, lack of conditioning, Two, the coaching staff not being able to put the right combination of players together, and several other "issues". As for those who quit...there was a variety...but by 1/2 way thru season they had lost 12 players per another parent's count. How much those contributed I'm not sure but I do know that as players quit it made the coaching staff have to regroup & shift players around some. Displeasure w/coaching decisions, and the early losses was the main factor in the exiting of so many.
  5. I would like to see the boosters and the Dixie Admin. take a long, hard look at the football coaching staff. This year's EXTREMELY slow start, number of players who quit, and the lack of being able to "finish" should be something to open their eyes to coaching staff problems. Last year they had all the talent and weren't able to progress as far as the playoffs were concerned...this year was worse. If they aren't careful Dixie is going to lose all this upcoming talent to SK cause boys who are used to winning and have the talent won't take lightly to losing all the time. Don't think those parents would be too complacent either.
  6. I agree quite an embarrassment! The majority of the girls seem to know what needs to happen but don't feel that they can voice their opinion to the new coaching staff. Hopefully they can all come together both on and off the court and turn things around. It's still early...and they have the talent to be successful...they just need the right combo on the court and the right words off the court.
  7. Dixie Heights Lady Colonels travel to Lexington Catholic this Saturday to scrimmage
  8. Congratulations to a former Dixie Heights Lady Colonel!!!:banana:
  9. Covcath plays next sat at Male against Ballard. Ok, so when did Cov Cath get a girl's team??? LOL:laugh:
  10. The group of girls for Dixie this year have been together since middle school and they're going to make some noise in the 9th. The new coaching staff combined w/ the talent, drive, and dedication of these girls will make them definitely in the top 10. The addition of St. Henry to the 34th District just means an extra game. The Lady Colonels have won the 34th District 4 years in a row and I know that the five seniors on this team are wanting that 5th year BAD!:banana:
  11. Any predictions for this Halloween night game? Dixie's coming off a big win last week & Ryle's coming off the loss to Boone.
  12. So, are all the teams starting try-outs today since it's the official start date for basketball?
  13. Dixie's coming off a big win against Holmes last week, but is it going to be enough against Boone County?
  14. With Dixie's first win under their belt what does everything think about this coming Thursday's game? Hopefully some confidence along with a few changes that seem to have been made will help.
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