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  1. It is obvious that you are an East Carter fan which is fine. I am not taking away anything from the players who went to the All-Star game. However, when a junior player is picked 4th as regional player of the year and the top 3 are seniors, then it seems logical that the junior would be an all-star pick.
  2. I find it to be amazing that a junior is picked 4th as player of the year in the 16th region and yet doesn't make the junior all-star team. I think the process obviously needs some changes. The player I am referring to is from Boyd County and finished the year with a batting average over 400. I would also like to mention the other teams in the region did not play near the caliber teams Boyd Co. did, with the exception of Greenup County. I think that this is terrible!:idunno:
  3. I think Lawrence Co. will take it in the first 2 games!:walk:
  4. Kyle Pauley, Chase Petitt and Jared Spicer made it from Boyd County
  5. Congratulations to Boyd County and good luck in the final game tonight! I would also like to congratulate the Rams on a well played game. GO LIONS!!!
  6. Who are the best juniors in the 16th region?
  7. not taking credit away from Breathitt they played awesome they literally ran over Boyd but trust me Boyds jv was in and the game was clearly over and Holcomb no matter how good a coach he is showed no class by keeping his varsity in and not only keeping them in but passing and trying to score..but that has nothing to do with the players they deserve all the credit.
  8. Boyd played terrible thats all there is too it they are a good team but they arent playing like it they choke when it counts but are very capable...and anyone at the game should have noticed that Boyd played much better in the second half not good but much better especially their defense because there were no touchdowns scored in the second half on Boyds VARSITY defense they were all scored on their jv with Breathitts varsity...shows how much class Holcomb has.
  9. I agree that postings should not degrade the players. I know several talented players whom have said "I'm not playing this year because we are predicted to be terrible." This is after reading comments implying such. Please remember kids do read these comments!
  10. Dave is a great guy and knows basketball. He would do wonders for Boyd Co.players and instill confidence in them. I hope to see him on the court this season.
  11. Chase Wiler and Jared Spicer went for Boyd...
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