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  1. is Steve Wright still being considered for the "county wide athletic director job"? I don't know when they are supposed to make a decision on that but I remember reading an article in the paper saying he was a possible candidate. Personally I like Wright getting that job over Durham at North
  2. Glad to know we here in London think we're better than everyone else...did not know that. Thanks for pointing it out Big City...HA! You've obviously not made a trip to London in awhile.
  3. It's hard to tell what's next for the future of this Jag team...many people are calling for a coaching change. So...I guess it'll just be a waiting game to see what happens.
  4. I believe that North's only chance for a win was last weekend and they blew that for their selves. So I'm taking GRC by 3 TD's or more
  5. I'll take North this Friday Night. I just think that they'll finally get that win that they're looking for...of course WAY to late ,but it'll be good for the boys.
  6. I completly agree with Mountain Thunder on this one...and pretty much every other week that everyone has said that North is going to get slaughtered. The North D is a good defense, they are by no means "awesome", and they can hold some teams from scoring for awhile. The North offense is just now allowing for any rest, so...I'll take it closer than everyone thinks. Corbin 35 North 14 Corbin isn't going to score 50+ on this team..and just like MT said every week people get on here and say that this team is going to do it and they never do.
  7. I think he's a good coach personally. I like the style of offense they run but they have Ricky Bowling who is an awesome QB that allows them to run and pass the way they do. As for is he winning enough for the people in London...well, thats another story. If South looks across the county, they've gotta think they've got it a little better right now.
  8. I, as well, hate to see North been on this list...Most of us know that this is a much better team than the record shows and I'm sure it's that way for a number of those teams....espically GRC.
  9. I, as well, think this off week is coming at a great time for the Jags. This will give them a little bit of time to regroup and let them get back on track. Hopefully this team can come back for the last 4 games of the season and show us the team we all think that they can be.
  10. I don't know but I'd love to come to this game..I'd say it'll be a barn burner. Good Luck to both teams.
  11. Yeah, I understand...I just hope this team can pull it out and at least get in, for the kids sake.
  12. I'm confused by everyones assement of this offensive line then. The line is horrible when it comes to Wardup but they're fantastic when it comes to being able to allow running backs to run up the middle. If Wardrup is sacked then it's the O lines fault he's sacked, but if the running back has NO HOLE to run through thats their fault. There isn't any one thing wrong with this team, it's a combonation of many things but when a team is losing everyone starts to point at one thing and say thats the reason. This team doesn't have a Nik Balir and they sure don't have the line that allowed Nik to run it up the middle or even to the sides. EVERY run is up the middle unless they take Adrian to the outside to run...all I'm saying is run the ball to the outside SOME and that'll free up a little room in the middle if the defense has to guess where you're going to run it. The run calling is predictable, as well as every other call made.
  13. Yeah, I was just meaning record wise the worse in 5A they're dead last in 5A based on record. And thanks for clearing up the playoff subject for me, I appriciate it.
  14. Isn't North Open next week and then they play Corbin the week after that....or am I mistaken?
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