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Campbell County 65 Deming 30

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Don't know how many of you are aware, but that was the last game in the history of Mount Olivet Deming high school.


Starting next school year they will move to a new site, with a brand new high school and new gym (to open sometime mid-season) and be named Robertson County High School. Not a consolidation, but a move from the city of Mount Olivet to the county.


Listening to the broadcast today the announcer mentioned that the Deming Devils had not been to the 10th Region semi-finals since 1939. Were there ever a poster child for classification, Deming would have been it (along with Silver Grove). However, in all of my years associated with the good folks at Deming, I don't ever remember them whining about their small school status, or playing second fiddle to Mason County. If they did so, it was behind closed doors, and they accepted what was their plight, and did the very best with what they had to do it with.


We (Brossart) deprived the Devils a trip to the "A" State Tournament last year, defeating them in overtime in a game that I personally don't know if I was happier for us, or sadder for them.


Mount Olivet Deming holds a fond place in my heart, always remembering the trip down 27 and then backtracking on the back-roads to get there, dating back to my own high school days (sixties). The former Deming will probably fade into memory through future generations, but will always hold a special place in the memories of those of us who helped them make the journey over the years.

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