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Bishop Brossart 59 Augusta 48

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Mustangs, stinging from their experience on the NCC hill Saturday night, come to play tonight.

Near perfect performance on both ends in the first half, leading to a 39-19 Mustangs advantage at halftime. Not nearly as sharp in second half, get outscored 29-20 in the second half. Coach Code played a lot of players tonight, mixing in the sophomores with the upperclassmen. We shot the ball well tonight for the first time in 40 days and 40 nights - Knock down 7 treys. Justin Saunders looked more like his old self in this one, leads all scorers with 22.

Augusta Super-Soph Brent Bach limited to 17 points tonight, after going off on the Mustangs for 32 in the 10th Region "A" a couple of weeks back.


BB: Uebel 0-1-0/0-3, Fordo 1-3-0/0-11, Rieer 0-1-0/0-3, AuTrentman 2-0-1/2-5, Saunders 7-2-2/4-22,

Buns 2-0-0/0-4, JoJennings 5-0-1/4-11

Totals: 17-7-4/10-59 17-6 4-2


AG: Bach 7-0-3/3-17, Appleman 1-1-0/0-5, Moore 4-0-3/6-11, Hamilton 1-0-0/0-2, Kelsch 3-0-2/2-8, Krebs 1-1-0/0-5

Totals: 17-2-8/11-48 13-11


BB 16 23 9 11 59

AG 7 12 14 15 48

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Nice win Mustangs and Good to see Saunders back to his old self.


Tell me more about this soph from Augusta Brent Bach.


Nice effort from the Mustangs to get back into the grove. Saunders looked great as did the supporting cast. Friday is a big game against Scott for the district seeding so it was good for them to recover after the last few ho hum games they have played.

Bach is an extremely quick soph from the river city. Good jumper and great passer. Still a little on the skinny side but has some nice definition like he does hit the weights. He'll be one of the best over the next two years in a very talented class.

I do have to mention the play of the game last night. Bach goes coast to coast, a Brossart defender steps in and takes the charge and the ref signals #35 for the violation. Problem is, there is no #35 in the game. The scorers table hits the horn to recheck with the ref and he reconfirms that #35 does in fact gets credit for the foul. As they point out he is not on the floor, the ref looked over and saw # 35 getting water from the cooler and assumed he had just come out of the game. So this is the first time that I've ever seen a waterboy get charged with a foul!

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