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Covington Catholic 4 Hamilton Badin 1


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The Good: Any time you beat a CGL school and in fact Hamilton Badin, it is not only good, it's great!


The Bad and UGLY: Nothing at all. Was a very well played game by the Colonels today.


BAWAC Inc. Offensive Star of the game: Going with Jake Lankheit as he was 2/4 scored a run and had a rbi's.


Gruber Grill Defensive Star of the game: Going to give the nod to three players today: Brady Reese who made a diving catch in the second inning to rob a Ram of a hit. Freshmen Grant Schreiver who make a diving catch in foul territory after running a considerable distance to take the bat out of a Ram and finally Eric Schneider who stopped a rocket hit right back at him at first by blocking the ball then beating the runner to first for the out.


PeeWee's Place Star of the game: This didn't take me a second to pick as indeed Corey Severson was outstanding on the hump today. His line?

7 complete innings 106 pitches 26 PA 3 hits 1 run 1 earned run 1 walk and 7 K (3 looking). Outstanding job on the hump and an outstanding effort on the young Junior part.

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CovCath top of the 1st:

Reese on with a bunt single, Best bunts and reaches 1st safe via E-5, men on first and second no outs. Lankheit bunt singles and the bases are loaded with no outs.

Severson at the plate and lifts a SF to right to bring home the first run (Reese) and a rbi for Severson. One out men on second and first. Schneider up and he walks, bases loaded, Grosser walks and in comes (Best) and a rbi for Grosser. Still one out and Arnzen launches a rocket that would have been out at CovCath but at Joyce Park and with the wind blowing in it's just a SF 7 (Lankheit) and a rbi for Arnzen.

CovCath 3 runs 2 hits


Badin bottom of the 1st:

Flyout 8, Flyout 8, K looking


CovCath top of the 2nd:

Reese earns his second hit of the game and is sac bunted by Best to second, one out man on 2nd. Lankheit hits a single and knocks in Reese.

1 run 1 hit


Badin 5th:

1-3 one out, Walk man on first one out, SB man on second base one out, base hit men on first and third. SF 8 to knock in a run.

Habin 1 run on 1 hit




CovCath Pitching:


Severson W 106 pitches 7 innings 26 PA 3 hits 1 run 1 earned run 1 walk and 7 K's (3 looking)


CovCath Hitting:


Reese 4 PA 2 runs scored and 2 hits

Best 4 PA 1 run scored 1 sac bunt 1 Nutini (HBP) 1 cs and reached base via E-5c

Lankheit 4 PA 1 run scored 2 hits and 1 rbi

Severson 4 PA 1 sf and 1 rbi

Sshneider 4 PA and 2 walks

Grosser 3 PA 1 rib 1 walk and reached base via E-5t

Arnzen 3 PA 1 rbi reached base via E-5t and 1 sf

Schreiver 3 PA 1 walk and 1 K

Stein 3 PA 1 hit and 1 sb


32 PA 4 runs 5 hits 4 rbi's 4 walks 1 K 1sb 1 cs 2 sf 1 sac bunts and 3 reached base via E

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Oh and for those who think maybe Hamilton Badin is a weak Baseball team, not true, they were 7-0 coming into this game!


The Joyce Park Baseball Field this years indeed looks outstanding. Nothing on our side of the river looks as nice and that includes St. Henry. Now I am not talking about the seats etc. but the diamond in in perfect condition and the grass is thick and green. A tip of Theoldguys Hat to Hamilton Badin on such a nice diamond!

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Only CCH starts a game off with 3 straight bunts.


What works, works, but then again maybe the next game Reese starts out with sending the ball over the the fence, with his speed and power he can and has done both, in back to back times at the plate.

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CovCath improves their record to 7-1 and next plays Ft. Thomas Highlands @ CovCath at 5pm Wednesday April 13th.


YIKES!!!!! Welllll, but then again this is why we play the games. Hang in there Birds, in the 36th it doesnt matter how many games you win since we dont seed and has zero importance. You just need to win the important ones in the end.

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