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Mercer County 73 Lincoln County 66 OT

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Tremendous game. Mercer was down the whole game and was down 7 with about 2 minutes left. They eventually tied it with about 30 seconds left and neither team could score after that. Once in OT Mercer scored the first 7 points and it was pretty much history after that. Mercer played poor defense the whole game as all Lincoln had to do was make layups to preserve their lead. Truth be told Zach Hill was outplayed by his brother Luke for the first 3 quarters and while he had a great 4th quarter he fouled out with about 55 seconds left in the game. Matthew Honchel once again carried the Titans and kept them in the game with 25 points and during their furious run to tie the game Aaron Lee and Clay Cinnamon played spectacular defense(finally) by creating turnovers and blocking shots to keep hope alive for Mercer. I can't say enough about the poise Honchel has displayed not only tonight but the whole postseason. He has been THE MAN for Mercer. This is the third game in a row I have watched Mercer and it's been obvious they have a better team than their opponents but they wait too late to start playing well. They can't do that anymore or they will go home. When they are locked in offensively and defensively they are tough to play with. Unfortunately their half court defense is less than stellar and they need to score to get into their press to create turnovers and easy buckets. They rely on momentum to carry them and I am intrigued to see how long that style of play will last in the postseason. Good win Mercer. Great gut check performance. Tighten it up. I'd love to see you and your student section in Rupp Arena.


Games like this is why I love postseason high school basketball.


Can someone from Lincoln County explain to me why the Lincoln crowd was so small? Home game in the regional and there were more Lincoln people at the Lincoln/Boyle regular season game than at this game? Blew my mind because Lincoln normally has some of the best fans in the region. Not tonight. Mercer had way more fans than Lincoln and they were way louder and their student section was top notch. At Lincoln. Unbelievable.

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Mercer Co. 73 Lincoln Co. 66 (OT)
Mercer Co. 8 13 19 20 13 73
Lincoln Co. 16 16 16 12 6 66
12 Region at Lincoln Co.

Mercer Co. (22-8) -- Sagraves 8, Lee 18, Cinnoman 18, Honchel 25, Compton 2, Buckner 2.

Lincoln Co. (15-16) -- Edgington 9, Z. Hill 17, Cummins 2, Gifford 4, Ward 14, L. Hill 20.


Read more: http://www.kentucky.com/2010/11/23/1537435/latest-boys-basketball-results.html?appSession=649204872201125&RecordID=9965&PageID=3&PrevPageID=2&cpipage=1&CPIsortType=&CPIorderBy=#ixzz1FXIGHi8h

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