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Covington Catholic 41 Conner 12 (Frosh)


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Stars of the game Offense

CovCath Luke Bir

Conner #4 Maloney


Stars of the game Defense

CovCath Burchell & Miller

Conner #7 Way


7-0 CovCath

Bir 5 yard TD run

1st quarter 6:59

Dressman good


14-0 CovCath

Dressman 60 yard TD run

2nd quarter 6:47

Dressman good


21-0 CovCath

Pope 20 yard TD run

2nd quarter 2:27

Dressman good


28-0 CovCath

Bir 4 yard TD run

3rd quarter 6:44

Dressman good


28-06 CovCath

Maloney 1 yard TD run

4th quarter 8:04

#15 no good


35-6 CovCath

Dressman to Braun 4 yard TD pass

Note: Great throw and outstanding catch

4th quarter 6:54

Kathman good


41-6 CovCath

Way to Tomlin 4 yard TD pass

4th quarter 5:23

Kathman no good


41-12 CovCath

#21 55 yard TD run

4th quarter 5:23

#15 no good


The CovCath "Seniors in Training" next take on the Red Colonels of Dixie @ Dixie Thursday Sept 16th @ 6pm

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