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Mason Co 91 Fern Creek 70

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They hardily ever take a day off do they?:lol: They have got to be tired.


I don't have any stats, I just caught the tail end of the game. I know they had a 30 point lead and emptied the bench. They had 80 points or so at the end of the 3rd quarter. So I'm going to guess the usual suspects got their points.


They have one more back to back situation. Games on February 1st against Rowan Co and February 2nd against Madison Central, both of those on the road. After that, their last 5 games of the year are spaced out enough to get some rest in between and get ready for the tournament.

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The Mason County Royals scored 37 points off turnovers and defeated the Fern Creek Tigers 91-70 in the Kentucky Prep Classic at Montgomery County. Trevor Setty led the Royals with 21 points and nine rebounds. Russ Middleton scored 19 points and Darius Miller added 14.

Setty was 10-of-15 from the field, Middleton hit seven of his 10 shots and Miller was six-of-11.


MC FG 53.3% 3 PT FG 23.1% FT 57.1% REB 35 TO 12

FC FG 44.2% 3 PT FG 45.5% FT 73.7% REB 24 TO 28


MC (18-3) Middleton 19, Downing 4, Miller 14, Trevor Setty 21, King 6, Hamm 3, Tolle 8, Rice 3,

Treg Setty 7, Gilbert 6

FC (6-8) Jiminez 10, Bradley 12, Duckworth 5, Irvin 7, Bernard 10, Hibbs, 2, Benton 4, Robinson 6


MC 27 23 22 19-91

FC 18 17 17 18-70



Some nice numbers for the 2 freshman, Treg Setty and Gilbert.

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Surprised that those MC fans that attended haven't commented on the gym,hospitality,parking and resturants in Mt.Sterling. Would be interesting to know how things are shaping up as the 10th region tourney approaches. Would assume this tourney was maybe somewhat of a dry run.

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