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Bowling Green 57 Ohio County 0

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9 hours ago, Devils Fan said:

What district would work in Ohio County favor?

Great question DF!

My answer is 1 of 2 options:

1.  Move back to 5A District 1.  And treat District 2 kinda like the old Trinity, Ballard and Eastern 6A district where a Western KY 6A Team would have to be added to the end of that district.  In other words, the 5 seed in 5A District 1 becomes the 4 seed for 5A District 2, but plays the District 1 schedule.  Now is Ohio going to ever beat Owensboro - No, but they weren't doing that anyway.  The rest of the teams in District 1 they at least have a punchers chance against.

2.  Move to 5A District 4 in Football ONLY.  District 4 includes North Bullitt, Seneca, Moore and Bullitt Central, which IMO is very manageable from where you are.  You don't need girls soccer going there but for football you do.

If it doesn't change, every year Ohio County will get blasted by BG, South and GW and then go to Rash Week 1 and lose all comfortably.  You won't build a program that way.  I don't want that.  I had a great experience last night in Hartford.  The people were nice and passionate about their community.  They had "Cheer Camp" where small girls went with the cheerleaders and just had fun on the sidelines.  Their band was really good.  Give them a chance to be decent at football too.  All I'm asking.

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