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I realize there are some fantastic soccer players that are not hanging up their cleats after this year.

Let's honor those that are putting pen to paper!

I'll start.....signing today.....

Representing Highlands High School:

Faith Broering: University of Cincinnati

Meg Gessner:  Northern Kentucky University

Jade Rehberger:  Illinois State University


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Here is who I see that signed at NDA today:

Emma Spivey:  Eastern Kentucky University

Natalie Bain: Xavier University

Marina Ruthsatz: Wright State

Jayden Otto:  Transylvania

Eleanor Simkonis:  Cleveland State

Congrats Ladies and good luck in the future....

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This thread by no means was meant to be only Northern Kentucky.  So here you go, found some more signings from yesterday:

Representing Louisville Assumption:

Riley Givens:  Centre

Meg Ralston:  Centre

Payton Seymour:  Southern Indiana

Hadley Snyder:  Louisville

Maddie Sutherland:  Gardner-Webb

Representing Ohio County:

Carly Embry:  Murray State

Representing Sacred Heart:

Mallory Glass, University of Kentucky

Representing North Oldham:

Taylor Zebarth:  Spalding University

Congrats to all!!!!

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