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Greenwood 63 Barren County 39 (4th Region Semifinals)

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Greenwood has lost 21 of 22 against Bowling Green and by an average of 34.5 points in two meetings this year. They don’t lack for talent and capability, but they share the same sickness many in this region do - they freeze when they see Purple and Gold. There was a time in the 2000s where Greenwood could grab wins over Bowling Green with regularity, often with less talent on paper, but those times are long past. They could surprise tomorrow, but it’s tough to envision them winning or even being close. Rest is against them, and one thing that absolutely has to happen is Marc Grant has to get the Purples out of his head. 

This game, however, greatly resembled Greenwood’s district tourney victory over Warren Central. They could scarcely do anything wrong, and Cade Stinnett was absolutely incredible. The kid is simply a stud, and was out scoring Barren County by himself into the fourth quarter. If Greenwood achieves nothing else, on paper, they appear poised to enter next year as favorites. 

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