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North Bullitt - South Oldham technical to start game

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The technical foul was for a dunk during warmups.  Coach Simpson was decidedly not pleased.  Heh.

The game mirrored, to an extent, the JV game before it.  In that one, South got up 32-16.....and lost 45-40 (or thereabouts, final score may not be exact).  South relaxed a bit, North Bullitt went on an 8-0 run, and you could see the momentum move from one end of the court to the other.  The varsity game wasn’t that obvious, I think the most South Oldham got up was probably 8 or 10 in the first half.  Still, just looking at the two teams, you’d think South would win fairly easily.  Alas, they are young, and very green, and don’t know how to put someone away.  It was encouraging to see them pull away at the end.  I believe it was 51-50, and South outscored NB 18-9 from that point forward.

One thing South definitely needs to work on is playing defense without fouling.  In the Oldham County game, they were physically outmatched, and the foul discrepancy didn’t surprise or alarm.  Tonight the foul difference was even more lopsided, and there was really no reason for it (it was not, at all, a case of home cooking on the part of the refs).  With about two minutes left, South had registered 17 fouls, to only 4 for North Bullitt.  For the game!  North had to commit several fouls in those last 2 minutes to stop the clock.  North Bullitt went 19-21 from the line, another reason the game was closer than some had expected.

Simpson shortened his bench tonight.  One kid has a foot injury, and several others didn’t play as much as in game 1.  I suspect it’s going to be an up and down kind of season - befitting a group this inexperienced.

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