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Russell preview updates


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Elliott Co. over Lewis Co.

Greenup Co. over Fariveiw


In the first game Ferguson had 22 points and not for sure on the exact number of rebounds but I would guess around 10 or 11. Ethan Faulkner has 20 points and 6 boards. Evan Faulkner comes in with 14 points and a good defensive game with 5 steals.


This was a close game. Both teams played well. For Greenup Co. Mitchell Brown looked in mid season form. Played very well with his back to the basket and made a few nice penetrating moves. Barker didnt have his best game but was still the best player on the floor for Fairview. Collins looked decent. He and Barker were leading scores for Fairview. The big man for Fariview (Armstrong??) also looked good.


Russell and Flemming was about to tip off as I left soo if someone has updates please fill us in on how it went.


All the stats I posted are unoffical but should be right.

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