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Mid-America Prospects “All-Freshman Team”


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Mid-America Prospects, Inc.

“All-Freshman Team”




Gunner Collins - Ashland P. Blazer

Baron Ratliff - Ashland P. Blazer

Ethan Fain - Rockcastle County HS

Noah Fain - Rockcastle County HS

Silas Shaffer - Rockcastle County HS

Dylan Hatfield - Madison Central HS

Matt(Bulldog)Bryan - Madison Central HS

Parker Eden - Madison Central HS

Brady Morse - Danville HS

Brady Baxter - Danville HS

Logan Smothers - Danville HS

Trevor Schultz - Madison Central HS

Hayden Dunham - Tates Creek HS

David Castleberry - Tates Creek HS

Owen Manly - Tates Creek HS

Jackson Hurley - Tates Creek HS

Jacob McDonald - Tates Creek HS

Luke Gaffney - Boyle County HS

Nicholas Huff - Montgomery County HS

Corbin Thacker - Montgomery County HS

Cameron Dunn - Frederick Douglass HS

Davis Johnson - Montgomery County HS

Bennett Myer - Franklin County HS

Chase Alderman - Rowan County HS

Bryce Blevins - Lawrence County HS

Tait Lakin - Pikeville Independent HS

Tate Walters - Pikeville Independent HS

Carter Reed - P.L. Dunbar HS

Michael Nicoulin - P.L. Dunbar HS

Benjamin Rank - Bluegrass United

Hayden Robbins - Madison Central HS

Conner Ramsey - Scott County HS

Jake Nash - Lexington Catholic HS

Jacob Hayes - Lexington Catholic HS

Jackson Torbey - Lexington Catholic HS

Brady Blair - Lexington Catholic HS

Clayton Ryan - Lexington Catholic HS

Grayson Gough - GRC

Greg Vineyard - Campbell County HS

Thomas Jackson - Clay County HS

Brady Blair - West Jessamine HS

Riley Uhls - Veritas Catholic

Jake Biggs - Boyd County HS

Austin Smith - Clay County HS

Mason Pittman - Lafayette HS

Carter Owens - Lafayette HS

Ty Reeves - Lafayette HS

Sam Lewis - Lafayette HS

Andrew Fultz - Lafayette HS

Syd Bowen - Williamsburg HS

Colton Oepping - Henry Clay HS

Ben Taylor - Henry Clay HS

Damin Green(2023) - Winburn MS

Will Lafferty(2023) - Sheldon Clark HS

Zach Taylor - Paintsville HS

Hayden Collins - LCA HS

Cole Ginter - LCA HS

Matthew Maggard - LCA HS

Ty Bryant - Frederick Douglas HS

Dane Key - Frederick Douglass HS

Cameron Dunn - Frederick Douglass HS

Will Bucher - Highlands HS

Austin Eads - Highlands HS

Camden-McAtee - Highlands HS

Cayden Devine - Mercer County HS

Jae Flynn - Dixie Heights HS

Josh Furtado - Ryle HS

Brayden Stewart - Ryle HS

Eli Sizemore - North Laurel HS

David Elkins - Perry Central HS

Wyatt Guilliams - LCA HS

Justin Huff - Boone County HS

Tanner Jackson - Ryle HS

Conner Schwalbach - Highlands HS

Luke Patton - Boyd County HS

Gage Testerman - Conner HS




Luca Sandrella - Marucci Sun Devils

Elijah Underhill - Christian County HS

Houston George - Christian County HS

Gunnar Bingham - Lyon County HS

Brody Williams - Lyon County HS

Justin West - Paducah Tilghman HS

Nicholas Wiley - East Oldham

Paul Osting - Trinity HS

Aiden Ecken - Trinity HS

Logan Thompson - Central Hardin HS

Ryan Bibb - Central Hardin HS

Turner Nottmeier - Bowling Green HS

Aiden Brown - Trinity HS

Tyler Jones - Barren County HS

Cody Moore - Barren County HS

Taye Poynter - Barren County HS

Jared Harned - Breckinridge County HS

Bryson Brockman - Greenwood HS

Rhett Dysholm - Greenwood HS

Ethan Williams - Louisville Male HS

Bryce Felker- Louisville Male HS

Carsyn Sheller - Oldham County HS

Korbyn Dickerson - Trinity HS

Carter Zutterman - Bethlehem HS

Bradley Jones - Fern Creek HS

Quinten Shewmaker - Saint Xavier HS

Carter Zutterman - Bethlehem HS

Alex Bridgewater - Etown HS

Bryson Brockman - Greenwood HS

Christian Bryant - Trinity HS

Korbyn Dickinson - Trinity HS

Luke Evans - Owensboro Catholic HS

Brayden Mundy - Owensboro Catholic HS

Kamren Clark - Ballard HS

Andrew Daniel - Louisville Male HS

Jordan Glasscock - Louisville Male HS

Jackson Vize - Louisville Male

Preston Chaudoin - Hopkinsville HS

Tim Cansler - Hopkinsville HS

Jayden Gadjik - Bullitt East HS

Cory Gibson - Ironmen

Gage Griggs - Marshall County HS

Jared Harned - Breckinridge County HS

Brennan Hicks - Barren County HS

Landon Huff - Trinity HS

Nick Judd - Apollo HS

Dale Kirk - Shelby County HS

Luke Lantz - Saint Xavier HS

Sam Mcfarland - Owensboro Catholic HS

Luke Scales - Owensboro Catholic HS

Logan McNair - CAL HS

Spencer Newman - Bowling Green HS

Conner Pike - St. Xavier HS

Franklin Price - South Oldham HS

Robbie Reed - Trinity HS

Isaac Seeger - Breckinridge County HS

Josh Simpson - Nelson County HS

Logan Smiley - Caldwell County HS

Joshua Traux - Spencer County HS

Ryan Welch - Eastern HS

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