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Paris 28 Ludlow 0

Randy Parker

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Here's my observations from the game.


Ludlow is not a bad team at all, unfortunately they aren't as athletic at Paris was. What I don't like seeing from Ludlow is coaches screaming at officials from the press box as well as Ludlow players (and Paris) continuing to run their mouths after a play. There was a time when Ludlow used "class of northern Ky" as its motto. Shut your mouth get back to the huddle. Oh and run back to the huddle too, don't walk.


Paris is a talented team. Undisciplined though. There were times they could cause turnovers but instead went for a big hit and in turn, received penalties. Paris if you want to play with the big boys come playoff time, you better get that fixed. I was sad to see the young QB Maggard still hurt from last season. Great kid. Oh and the Paris announcer should make sure the mic is off before he starts complaining about calls lol.


Overall, the game was sloppy. It was hot, there were a lot of kids going both ways (which in 1A what can you do), and both teams were quite chippy. Nice environment and I think both of these teams can be successful. There were a lot of fixable mistakes!

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