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? for those smarter than I . On our favorite topic - Homosexulaity .

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Been reading a bunch lately about the latest ( maybe not the latest ??) views on the church and homosexuality . And the issue I'm interested is the facts on is the ancient world's homosexual relationships . The argument today from some sex same attracted people who claim Christ as their savior is that homosexual sex is not sin and committed, Christ centered gay couples should be free to marry and that marriage is blessed by God . The (6) Biblical scriptures traditionally used by the church should be reformed because in context the sexual activities that are forbidden in the Bible would not be the type of homosexual relationships in today's society . Meaning adult men abusing young men or boys was certainly sinful and immoral , but because in ancient society these relations were the type of homosexual activity that Paul would have observed he was correct in condeming them , so the Bible doesn't address the type of homosexual , consensual , Christ fearing , monogamous relationships that todays Gay Christians as aspiring for the church to accept .


So what does history teach us about ancient society and homosexuality ? Were there tribes that accepted homosexuality ? Was it not even thought of ? Could this view be correct ? I'm reporting what some same sex attracted Christ followers are asking the church to consider. The promoters of this movement are Matthew Vines and Justin Lee among others I'm sure . Here is a link to some of their views :

The Great Debate | The Gay Christian Network

Matthew Vines

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