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Morgan County 57 West Carter 41

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Which one?

Ben Jordan looks 6'7". Has definitely added some muscle since last year.

Jordan Perry 6'4"

HoldenRedparth 6'4"


Ben is clearly taller than his coach, Jeremy Webb. Jeremy is a full 6'6", so I'd put Ben in the 6'8-6'9" range.


Can't speak for the two from Morgan, but those numbers sound right.

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Jordan Perry was the one I was asking about. Know his parents well, and neither is all that tall.


Jordan is 6"3 1/2. Probably grew 2 full inches since last season and added 10 pounds of muscle. The kid puts in more work than any high school player I have ever been around. He comes in to the gym several days a week at 6am to work on his game and it is definitely paying off.

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