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Pike County Central 35 Greenup County 27


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GC threw 3 INTS (2 untouched pick 6's on their first two possessions of the game) and had 3 fumbles lost (plus 2 more they barely recovered). I think PCC had 1 turnover. This game was quickly 21-0 PCC after the first quarter and looked like it could easily end up 60-0. Then GC settled down. It was 28-27 when GC missed a game tying extra point with 8 min. to go in the 4th. GC let the PCC QB score from 30 yards out with a minute and half to go so they could get the ball back down 8 but they fumbled on the kickoff return. Junior Jeffrey Williams for GC had almost zero yards rushing in the first quarter and 220+ yards and 3 TD's in the following three quarters. Was kind of a crazy game to watch.

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