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  1. Anyone have any updates on this one?
  2. 7-Bishop Brossart 5-Grant Co. 3-Lloyd 2-Holmes 1-Holy Cross TB Grant Co
  3. If Bradley plays and Boone tackles the way they did against Conner this might be a long night for the Rebels. Then again Cooper has to stop Boone on offense. Either way I think Boone pulls out the victory.
  4. I remember the days Boone Co. had some trailers behind the school that had classes in them.
  5. 7-Ludlow 5-Boone Co. 3-Lloyd 2-Carrol Co. 1-Eminence TB Lloyd
  6. Same story different year guys. No surprise in this. That's one reason I never played football for Boone.
  7. 7-Boone Co 5-Simon Kenton 3-Bishop Ready 2-Newport 1-Gallatin Co. TB Bishop Ready
  8. Yikes looks like the youngins for Highlands will get playing time in the 2nd half.
  9. 7-Holmes 5-Simon Kenton 3-Harrison Co. 2-Ludlow 1-Campbell Co. TB Holmes
  10. I voted for Boone in the poll cause I can't just vote against them. My heart won't allow it but Boone loses big. I don't see them containing Collinsworth.
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