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  1. EC & LC and Ashland & Fleming is being played on Friday Night.
  2. I don't know why not. If you are familiar with Rowan you know they have talent and lenght and are now all healthy.
  3. Russel at Ashland 1/8/10 cancelled Ashland at Mason County 1/9/10 cancelled
  4. Ashland has scrimmages with Montgomery County on Wednesday November 25 and Lexington Catholic on Saturday November 28. Both scrimmages are at Anderson -Paul G. Blazer. I do not know the times yet.
  5. Do the playoffs start the weekend after this one?
  6. I see where Ashland plays in the Derby Classic at Raceland in mid December. Does anyone know what other teams are playing in it?
  7. I think Boyd County may have something to say about that.
  8. J D Adams in and out to Fairview. Kyle Bush in from Rose Hill. Welcome to Atown Kyle! JD I hope you find happiness.
  9. Things could get interesting out on Blazer Blvd. this fall.
  10. For the first time since he left I think Ashland will miss the speed and quickness of Rachard Carter on both sides of the ball.
  11. Are you crazy? I have not tried to cast a doubt on anyone but was merely trying to say that if their are problems at Rose Hill you could not lay them neatly at the feet of Tim Fraley. I made the statement that if their were problems at the Hill someone other than Tim Fraley would know about them and I will continnue to stand by that generalized statement.
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