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  1. NO one answered my ? who is it going to be. And enough of the chuckie bull crap go to a Boyle thread for that!
  2. Not to talk about the kids because there are some very good players BUT just not enough of them for 6A football. New schools have killed the program
  3. Boone is a terrible job. Look at their record over the last 7 years. Old saying you cant make chicken salad out of chicken crap.
  4. Why is it dumb to send your kid who is a very good player to go and play with other great players and play for state titles and not to mention play for great coaches
  5. And yes if you have a school that can TURN KIDS AWAY it is private!!!!! Look up the def of private.
  6. They will be no big check for the new coach, he wont make a dime more than all the coaches
  7. How many kids from Indiana won a Kentucky state title last night? 20, 30, 40, you tell me. Heck a few years back Mr. Kentucky in football was from Indiana!
  8. I am not worried about poor hold Trinity being left out, they are a private school and should be playing in a private school league. Tennessee has public private split and they have very few privates schools to. And for those who give the Oscar Mayer bologna about 2 of the last 4 Male is a private school anytime you take application to see who you take in your school that is a club A PRIVATE CLUB!!!!! Go look over the last 40 years and see how many public schools have won the big class State title. Male and Manuel are private to.
  9. If Trinity was a business the federal government would break them up for being a monopoly! It is a shame that public 6A schools in this state have no chance to win a state title. The team they played has a QB who might be on the field next year a UK and a tackle that is going to Alabama and CANT WIN A STATE TITLE IN KENTUCKY!!! We aren't talking about Texas we are talking about Kentucky, if you have 2 SEC players on one team you should walk through this state. Maybe even give you the trophy at the start of the year. It is just a shame to me that public schools really have no shot and don't give me the crap about Scott Co. winning one or GRC in 1991. The khsaa needs to do something about this.
  10. Disregard my play at Gtown and EKU, after I read it it sounded dumb.
  11. If you play the games at UK it would be like a funeral. The atmosphere would be so bad with 4 or 5 thousand at some of those games it would be real real bad. I say play the Class A and AA at Gtown would be a great atmosphere. Do it on a Friday and let the rest play at EKU. But that would make the KHSAA earn their pay check and they will never go for that. If you do it that way at least they would be close so people could go to Richmond after the Friday night games. I hear EKU is going to build another side to their stadium.
  12. I don't think you can only win 1 game in your 2nd and 3rd year anywhere. Bourbon beat them a 5 win 3a school. Only win was against a very very bad Montgomery co. team. I to say them play 1 game this year and they only had about 35 kids on the sideline, not good for 6a. So what is the problem there?
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