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  1. Very good game. Atmosphere was outstanding. This is the type of game these teams needed to get redy for tournament time.Wilson and Johnson had great games for Corbin. Watts was outstanding. Wright is the unsung heroe for the Raiders. His heady floorplay is a huge factor. Manns makes big plays all over the floor for the Hounds. The Raiders were more balanced and that was the differance in this game.
  2. Corbin played much better this game than South. Other than Watkins and St. John South struggles to score. Gilbert looks uncomfortable at the 4. What happened to Karr? I thought he woukd make the differance on this team.
  3. Should be a very close game. I'll take the Hounds by 1.
  4. Great win for the Jackets. The kids and coaching staff worked their butts off to get to this point. They have got progressively better.
  5. If they have refs who call a normal game it will be less physical. This game looked like a roller derby match at times. Whitley gets after you and when the refs have dates it can get rough. Both teams played very hard and it was a nice win by Corbin.
  6. Good tune up for Scott County. All district wins are big but you don't play #1 every week.
  7. Two ugly wins in two days is better than two ugly losses.
  8. Robb's Raiders are rolling. Watts is being missed by the press out in the state. He is very underated.
  9. Watkins has hops. The Cards are playing better than anyone in the 13th right now.
  10. This is a great rivalry. These two teams have dominated the region for the last couple of years.
  11. This is two good teams and I wouldn't bet my lunch money either way the next time they play. I would hate to go hungry. Roscoe against the Redhound braintrust is always a good matchup. The Hounds may not see that man again until the regional final.
  12. Whitley was a bowling ball rollintg down a steep incline. Once they got started there was no stopping them. They played hard and with a lot of confidence. Akin got them off early with I believe 10 in the first quarter. He and LeBanion are tough matchups for the Jackets. Jackets are better than they played. Coach Robinson is trying to mesh a bunch of kids who didn't play last year. Barton will be much better once he is back in shape. He has only been running 2 weeks. CJ Jones could develop into a nice player. Cameron Smoak is growing into his feet anf will provide good minutes as the year progresses. Crawford did not play much for Whitley because of foul trouble but his intensity is a huge factor to the Colonels. I hope to see Butcher back on the court in the near future.
  13. Good win for the Hounds. These are probably the favorites in the 13th.
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