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  1. I think both teams are coming into this with momentum behind them, I look for Hinson and the Bears have a good plan for tonight even though I believe neither team wants to show a lot considering they could possibly see each other in a few weeks in the district finals. I look for Crawford to do what he does and get to the rim to put up 32 points. But I also think Kirk and his panthers are really rolling right now and look for the senior leadership to win this one in a barn burner again 72-67 free throws at the end puts it to 5 down the stretch
  2. This was not a call out it just seen Bracken play a lot this year and this is what I have taken from a combination of games, I don't mean any disrespect towards any of them. I hope the best for these young men and hope they pull the "upset" off I have pulled for them in a lot of games this year and I will be in attendance for the Mason game as well cheering for them to win. Would love to see an Augusta/Bracken match up again would make it very interesting. And as for the Snickers I'll defiantly take them.
  3. I think we will see a bracken team that we haven't seen yet this year I agree there isn't a single player in the region that can stop Crawford from getting to the rim, but he cant beat teams by himself. I think you will see the same Bracken team again Crawford score 30 some Jones plays weak and can't keep up with the pace of the game Enges will try and make someone do something stupid only for himself to lose his head Williams is a streaky shooter but that's all you will get from him and the younger boy they bring off the bench I think is a freshman is defiantly not ready for this yet.
  4. Why are so many people taking so much from those kids in Augusta, it had the pleasure at watching them a few times this year and the past years with Jason and although I think Jason is a good coach i think he was lucky to have the kids he had. Those kids don't quit, and according to what some are saying it's all because of Jason but now they don't have him and they are doing just fine with a "mediocre" coach (others opinion not mine) let's start giving credit where credit is due
  5. Some where Hall of Famer Chris Owens is laughing at this. The same people saying he didn't have anything at St Pat are the same ones saying Crawford is the best player to step on the court. I remember watching Owens play a lot during those years and IMO Crawford wouldn't have kept up with Owens he was one of the most fundamental and smartest players I have had the pleasure of watching the last 10 years. Would have been #1 in region two years running if it weren't for a kid by the name of Darius Miller
  6. I remember watching this game and I don't recall Hinson coaching much at the end or even calling a play. It was a game that was taken over by one kid (Bach) it was like he said I got this guys and played like a man possessed. I'm not arguing Hinson isn't a good coach but you are taking way too much away from those kids who worked their tails off to win. "Coaches don't win games, they only lose them." Any GOOD coach will tell you that
  7. I was fortunate enough to make this game last night, I took a lot from it. First for Bracken it was a good win with a starter and big man out they turned up the full court pressure at the right time. And again Austin Crawford is the best scorer in the region but I don't think I can call him best player yet still. He missed too many free throws in this game, not just at the end when everyone is saying he was fatigued he left some on the floor early in the game too. Not just him tho but as a team BC didn't shoot the free throws very well at all. Now Pendleton Co. Looked great until the last 2 mins in the 3rd and then last 3 mins in the 4th. Having one of the most underrated ball handlers in the region and a player like Allen PC should not have any problem getting the ball up the floor. PC beat themselves too many open possessions at the end. Allen is a good player but his youth showed last night there wasn't a player on the floor that should have stopped him but he backed off attacking and with the game on the line instead of attacking baseline he stepped back over 2 foot to try and shoot a fadeaway 3 for the win. I
  8. Again for me like other games, Augusta has proven they can play with anyone in the region, it just depends on what team shows up. I had the pleasure of seeing them in action against a Paris team that didn't empress me after all I had heard about them. But on another note Scott has shown potential at being top 3 also. Don't let the record fool you they started the season with a tonight schedule beating Pendleton Clark and playing Mason to 6 points. These two teams have both beaten a Simon Kenton team that put mason down big. I think these two teams are well matched and should be a great game, with all of that said I think I'm going to take Scott In a close one 67-63 Augusta has to foul late to make it 4 I think home court helps the Eagles take this one. Hopefully I can make this one going to have to bribe the wife with dinner. Good luck to both teams.
  9. After getting the chance to see both of these teams this week a few things I seen were Augusta got a little flustered when a team threw a full court press on them for a bit and gave up a big lead. Last night I wasn't real impressed, with a seasoned team made of mostly Seniors and juniors they got rattled early when foul calls went against them, some of which were crazy but a lot of fouls under their basket instead of getting back. With that said Paris is a very athletic team that could win this tourney, but I watched Bracken stay right there with them making it a dog fight until the end if Bracken had another consistent 3 pt shooter they could have taken this one. With all of this I am going to take Augusta by 4 I think they come in with more rest Paris had to really work the whole game. I also think Augusta will go in with the same game plan Bracken had start man and see what you get and switch to zone if Paris isn't hitting early but I think they will have something else in the book for when Paris figures how to handle it. I'm sure everyone is in for a real treat and great game. Glad I get to take this one in too the only loser will be the ones who stay home tomorrow night. Good Luck to both programs.
  10. With Allen out I'm going to have to take Bracken by 6 Crawford not getting stopped in this one and score 35. Wood and Browning keep it close though good luck to Allen hope he makes a smooth recovery
  11. Looks like the Panthers made some adjustments and are getting back on track. Played a lot better tonight than they did against Mason more cohesive and more hustle. Maybe coach Kirk had a talk and got some things settled. Looked like to me after the Mason game the boys were more worried about their stats and now this one they looked like they were out to prove they could beat anyone. A good win for the resume against a much bigger and athletic team. The 39th and 10th keep getting more interesting with each game any team plays
  12. With all said in my previous post I think both teams come tonight with their A game and both are very prepared for one another, but I think Mason takes this one by 5 71-66 will be up 2 or 3 until the end and Augusta has to foul to try and get ball back. This is another great 39th match-up before Christmas. In the big picture of it all tho this game is just another game and will have no impact on either of these teams come the end of Feb. I think the only losers in this game tonight will be the people who can't make the game
  13. I think this goes for both teams in this one, if the Mason teams shows up that played Bracken Augusta can take this one by 6 but at the same time if the Augusta team that played Pendleton Co shows up Mason will win by 10. Should be a very interesting night at the Feildhouse just glad I get to take this one in.
  14. A great showcase of 10th region All A tonight. Both teams are really needing that good solid win. With bracken having one of if not the best scorers in the region I think they will finally pull this one out, but they will have their hands full with Brossarts defense. Bracken by 6
  15. You buy the popcorn and ill set close by. Looking forward to being in the igloo again for a good game
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