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  1. But I see you are from Harlan,so I will definitely take your word for it.
  2. The folks I have talked to in Harlan say they will be 6a.But I have no clue.
  3. Harlan high could very well win the third in its first year with all the combined talent and Larkey coaching. But then comes 6A after that; and I honestly think they will compete with the likes of Henry Clay and such But just like HC, Male and all other non-collegiate programs,they will be watching St.X vs.Trinity in the championship every year.
  4. on what I think is a no-brainer hire in Larkey as there new head coach.I wish Laurel Co. hadn't run him off years ago.
  5. Yep. It will be Larkey for sure. Announcing today, I think.
  6. Maybe they should change the name to the 13th-15th region top ten.Or the "Only if you can watch our station top ten"
  7. If McCreary county is not the mountains,then I would love to see there idea of a mountain.lol
  8. Not sure how long it takes on average,but wouldn't not having the time off between quarters kind of equal everything out?As far as the length of the game.
  9. I have always liked that idea as well.I would like to see the two 20 minute halves.
  10. I have played as long as I can remember from 1st grade through high school and I guess I am looking at all of this as a player more than a fan also.But 45 seconds is a eternity on the court for anyone who has played and I just can't see it being a bad thing.
  11. I can see some of these points and why some don't like it,but I just think it is hard to argue that it would make kids better and prepare them better for the next level.Also if it was such a bad idea,then why does it work so good in other states?I mean every state has bad regions,sections,divisions,and teams,but I bet they wouldn't change for anything.
  12. I still don't see how it could hurt scoring though.If these teams you talk about would work the clock for the 40 seconds you talk about then how are they going to score more points when they can hold it the whole half right now if they wish?Like I said,if a coach couldn't get no more then 30 points with a shot clock then he needs to do something else other than coaching.Now will the weak teams in weak regions get clobbered even worse by the upper level teams?Yes.But if you lose by 25 or 45,you still got clobbered and shouldn't have scheduled them anyway.You take the usual weak regions(16th,12th,13th,ect.)and all the teams in those given regions are about always close to each other in talent with the exception of a team or two in each region,so it equals out.Now when it comes to the sweet sixteen the best team is going to come out of each region.Will some teams still be at a disadvantage talent wise in the touney?Maybe but that is a issue for the classification debaters.But really, if it would hurt scoring then why does college and pros and some high schools use it?(I am anticipating this reply.lol)
  13. Just some more info I gathered about this event.I talked to the coaches and they have pushed back the sign up date to Feb.4th due to not getting everything out in time and are still accepting applications.I have signed my son up and a few of his friends.This will be a great warm up for the kids to kick off there league season and not to mention learning how to better there game from college coaches.
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