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  1. It will be a big game. Plenty of emotion and talent. Look for this game to be exciting
  2. i dont see the wolves struggling too much they dont really have alot of size but they are very agrressive. most people dont know because the bench didnt get to show anything cause of the seniors from last year.
  3. I think that it will be a very close and good game to watch but i also think that davidson and kilburn will carry the tigers to a win.
  4. Wolfe County has a young and inexperianced team but they are very aggressive and wont be a push over
  5. I just think that Gilbert was proud of the boys from Jackson and wanted to tell them that he appreciated them going out and playing hard and that they should keep their heads up because they did what eveyone thought they could do and that they should be proud. In a game the competitive juices are flowing and it easy easy for players to look like they hate each other, but of teh cort I woud say Gilbert respects every player on teh Jackson City team.
  6. I think it happened a few years ago out in one of the western regions. But it is very odd.
  7. Gilbert has the best potential to play atr the next level and be a good player. If you think that he has no chance tan there is definently noone in the 14th that has a good chance. We will all just have to wait and see what kind of college player he turns out to be. And IMO NAIA is more competitve than most D2 schools and he has already been offered a scholarship from Linsey-Wilson and a tryout with Mountain State, so I dont see how anybody can say he isnt good enough to play at the next level. He might not be going D1 but IMO NAIA is the next best.
  8. The game was horribly called. I am not saying that that is why Wolfe lost but this game was just rancid. There was somewhere around 55 fouls called in this game. Unheard of in a district championship. I really thought that the kida never got to play this game out because every few seconds there was a whistle. To bad, made for a disappointing game. From what I saw Gilbert didnt throw a punch he pushed a kid. He was on the floor fighting for possesion when the whistle was blown. A few seconds after that a JC player prectically jumper on his back while he was down and he pushed him off. It wasnt a punch but even I must admit that I was Dissappointed tonight in Gilbert. He really let his emotions take too much control in this one. I would've liked to see these to teams get to play, without the refs taking center stage.
  9. Great post Dores4ever. Congrats Hazard. Good Luck against Leslie.
  10. yes that is the reason not all the game stats have been posted.
  11. What about Adam Morrison and JJ Reddick? They both have huge offensive games, and not much defense. I would say that Gilbert plays alot better D than them and they are vying for player of the year in the nation. I would bet that Gilbert does more for his team on defense than anyone gives him credit for. But I am definently not saying he is a great ddefender, but he can be a good one and to quote Morrison "He is not just a chair out there".
  12. I have seen Gilbert put his team on his back on numerous ocassions, just to come up a few points short is that his fault? T go 13 for 17 from the field and have 40 points and 16 rebounds and to lose by 2 or 4 makes a bad game for a player. I guess they should've just scored 2 or 4 more right?
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