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  1. I do not think people are over reacting to your comments. Holmes does have a good team but to say that Highlands has not played anyone that has 4 perimeter players to the caliber of Holmes is a great over statment. For one have you seen any of the teams that they have played. Station was by far the most talented team. They could push you up and down the floor. If you are going to talk like an expert you need to do your research.
  2. You have no cule what you are talking about do you. Have you seen Highlands play at all this season. They have played some very athletic and talented team this season. Bryan Station is a very athletic and talented team that pressed the whole game full court.
  3. Let me here what you think about this match up. Both teams are looking very good going in.
  4. I would like to hear from fans of Bryan Station. Do you think this is going to be a close game or blow out.
  5. Ok that is your right to say that. But if you look at the Schedules Holmes is playing 5 Top 25 teams this season. Highlands is playing 9 top 25 teams. Also we both can say that the 9th is not the deepest it has been in past years. So the schedules weaken just a little because of that.
  6. They beat Cov-Cath in a close one and New-cath at their place. Which both of those games are big because of the Hype of the games. Also BigStud did make the comment about the weak schedule it was not to you.
  7. Stud this so called weak schedule talk is getting old. They have played E-Town, Layfayette, Cov-Cath, New-Cath and Scott all on the road. They still have 5 top 25 team yet to play this season. So if you say this along with only 5 home games is a weak schedule and then tell me way.
  8. This should be a great game. Both team are very good
  9. Come on know how can you say that. Highlands has bet every 9th region team so far. Until Holmes and Highlands match up there is no way you can say that.
  10. @ North Oldham @ Bryan Station (13) Holmes (12) Bishop Brossert (25) Lloyd @ Holy Cross Pendleton Co. (3) @ CampbellCo. @ Shelby Co. (19) @ Boone Co.
  11. So does anyone have thoughts on this match up. It looks to be a great nite for High School Basketball.
  12. Boone's gaurds do not handle the press well.
  13. Any Thought on this match up. It should be a good one
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