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  1. well i believe this is all about opinion and I don't care too much about what you think or anybody else thinks.
  2. leslie could put three guys out there and beat jackson city by 10+
  3. Also Leslie has two up and coming power hitters in SCotty Bowling and Trevor Wells
  4. melton is the best coach, his record speaks for that
  5. Well, for this past season Leslie's DT Jerry Caudill was the strongest on every part of lifting. He benched 370 lbs., squatted 500, cleaned 295. This season, they have a junior coming up through the ranks. James Mosley is a sophmore this year and junior next season, and can bench over 325.
  6. I know that Clay won by 8, but does anyone have a score?
  7. If Day and Morgan show up to play for Leslie and their bench gives them some help, this one will go to Leslie. But from what I have seen from Clay this year, they will win by 4... it will be a very close game.
  8. Don't speak too fast guys... Breathitt just beat Leslie, one of the top teams in the 14th, in Hyden tonight.
  9. Yes... by six I think. Has to be the biggest upset of the year. I could see Breathitt maybe having a chance in Jackson but to pull one out in Hyden is a big feat.
  10. I think Breathitt might have pulled this one out. Anyone have a score?
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